Val's View: Simple Morning Rituals to Set Your Day Up Right

Val's View: Simple Morning Rituals to Set Your Day Up Right

The future starts every morning so I like to get a jump on the day in my very own way. Read on for some of my tips on optimizing the a.m. hours!
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Val's View: Simple Morning Routines to Set Your Day Up Right
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You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

- Zig Ziglar

Best Practices

It’s no secret that building a morning routine is a key tenet in creating an epic life that you love. The regime that you will stick to best is one that is customized to fit your individual lifestyle. Our routines will inevitably shift and vary over time. For instance, when I’ve had my son home from college over holiday breaks, it becomes evident that as a nocturnal 22 year old, he wakes up a bit later than me in the morning. My internal clock is set at about 7 am. It is difficult for anyone else to dictate the right time for you to begin your day. The important thing is not the exact time, it is the quality and duration of your sleep. When you are well rested, it sets the tone for a smooth start to map out a successful day.

Get into Your Groove

When you allow enough time to get your act together in the a.m., it starts a flow you can continue throughout the day. I try to build in a little extra time by preparing some things the night before. If I have a commute that takes an hour and a half, I get up an hour earlier than usual to be prepared and avoid the frantic road ragers. On my drive, I try to get clear and listen to something interesting to spark creative energy. I like to state an affirmation for the day, such as:

I will bring passion and purpose to this day

I release all of yesterday's burdens and start anew

I will be gentle with myself and others throughout this day

Patience will follow me all day

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Recipe for Success

You can get focused on what you need to tackle your day by making a list of priorities. Strategizing can help to avoid procrastination or confusion. Taking your supplements and medications at the same time every day is also great for keeping you on target. Correspondence such as e-mails can be checked off early in the day so they don’t nag you during crunch time later. To optimize your energy levels, squeeze in some sunlight and movement. Music can also be a catalyst for calm focus.

State of Mind

If you wake up or groggy, try to give yourself a little grace and check to see if you may need a slower pace for that particular day. Planning breakfast ahead of time to avoid being grumpy and hungry is a no-brainer. For instance, if you want to include a rich source of protein, hard boil a couple of eggs the night before. A few favorite accompaniments of mine are kiwi, passion fruit, and cashews. Wardrobe pre-selection is smart as well. If you want a wrinkle-free clothing option, go for anything from the IBKUL line; everything fits and moves perfectly with you. If you take care of these two things the night before, they will be off your plate and you can get going that much sooner in the morning. This way that extra time can be for you to ground yourself and relax into your productive mode.

Good Habits

I am very easily distracted, so I need to isolate myself and get centered before delving into chores and phone calls. If you want to create an exercise regime, then pick specific days of the week and times. The park I walk my dog to everyday conveniently has an outdoor gym, so I added in a weight-training regime three times a week. I feel stronger because it's free, accessible, and not as hard as I thought it would be. Honestly, most of our battles are literally about getting started, and what better time than the morning? The start of the day makes way for all sorts of possibilities!

How do you begin your mornings? What is your best tip for revving up the day? Let me know in the comments below!

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