Tips for Choosing Travel Outfits for Women Over 50

Tips for Choosing Travel Outfits for Women Over 50

When choosing travel outfits as a woman over 50, keep fit, fabric, comfort, and versatility top-of-mind, but don’t forget about fashion!
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Tips for Choosing Travel Outfits for Women Over 50

Picking the perfect outfit for a night out or a visit with new friends can be tricky enough; picking the right outfit for an extended trip presents added challenges and questions, such as:

  • How much can you realistically fit in your suitcase?
  • What type of weather will you encounter?
  • What type of activities will you be doing?

When you have your whole closet at your disposal, everything is right within reach. But packing for travel requires careful planning and critical thinking. Fear not, fellow globetrotter! We’re here to help make choosing your travel outfits easy and breezy.

Choosing the Right Fabrics

Comfort is key when it comes to the best travel outfits for women of any age, but especially travel outfits for a 60 year-old woman or older. When it comes to fabric type, we recommend choosing stretchy and/or breathable fabrics such as:

  • Linen
  • Cotton
  • Jersey material
  • Viscose (also known as rayon)

Another consideration is how easily the fabric wrinkles. For example, linen tends to wrinkle very easily — but it also is extremely breathable.

Many women love burnout tops for travel because they use a blend of comfortable fabrics that have been chemically treated for a light, sheer, easy breezy look and feel.

Choosing the Right Outfit

Traveling is fun once you get to your intended destination, but the process of travel itself can be riddled with delays and disappointments.

Not only is airline travel in particular often an all-day or even multi-day affair, but there’s also security to go through. For many travelers, the added time and effort associated with unlacing shoes and removing belts and watches is simply not worth the hassle.

For this reason, we recommend choosing outfits that are flowy and comfy to wear all day long. For pants, that often means stretchy drawstring waistbands. For shirts, that may mean long-sleeved shirts that you can roll up or roll down to stay comfortable. The key here is to wear clothing that makes going through TSA easier and less stressful.

Even if you’re taking a road trip, you should consider comfort in addition to style as road trips can involve hours upon hours of sitting, not to mention traffic delays.

Stylish and Comfortable Bottoms

The best travel outfits for ladies are often outfits with a comfy blouse and pants or leggings. While dresses can be comfortable, there’s the added worry of sitting a certain way when wearing them in public, and of course, there’s the issue of rubbing thighs. If you do choose to wear a dress for long travel, then wearing leggings or tights underneath is often a good idea.

For most women over age 50, it’s preferable to wear pants with a stretchy elastic waistband for comfort and ease of movement.

Here are five pairs of travel-friendly pants to consider on your next trip:

Versatile Tops for Travel

When it comes to travel tops, choosing pieces that are versatile and easily layered is key. Both basic short-sleeve t-shirts and more elegant short-sleeve blouses offer comfort and the option to layer with a sweater, cardigan, or shawl. That way, you’re prepared for either hot or cold temperatures.

Another tip is to choose transitional tops that you can wear during the day as well as at night — especially if you have activities planned for the night of your travel plans.

Here are five different versatile Anthony’s tops for travel:

Comfortable Footwear Options

When it comes to travel clothing, many people focus on tops and bottoms and forget about footwear. But choosing your footwear carefully is extremely important. After all, depending on whether you’re traveling via bus, cruise ship, airplane, or car, you could be on your feet for extended periods of time…And then there's the TSA to consider if you have to take your shoes off. So don’t neglect your footwear!

We recommend comfortable and versatile options such as:

  • Slip-on sneakers
  • Loafers
  • Supportive flats
  • Supportive sandals that can be easily taken on and off

Not only is the pair you wear during travel important but so too are the pairs you bring in your suitcase- make sure that they are easily packable and coordinate well with a variety of looks.

Practical Accessories for Travel

Accessories are the finishing touches that often make an outfit truly special. So although you may prioritize comfort over style when it comes to choosing tops and bottoms (although you certainly don’t have to), the accessories you pair your clothing with can add visual appeal and a dash of style! We recommend items such as:

  • Sunhats
  • Scarves and wraps
  • Comfortable and colorful costume jewelry
  • Crossbody bags (can be used as your “personal item” for airline travel)
  • Sunglasses

Browse All Anthony's Travel Friendly Outfits

We hope the above tips on finding the best travel outfits for women help you choose the perfect combination of top, bottom, shoes, and accessories for your next trip! Ready to shop Anthony’s travel-friendly outfits? If the above options haven’t quite caught your eye, we invite you to browse all of our clothing now!

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