Val's View: Creative Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day

Val's View: Creative Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day

Looking for some inspiration on how to celebrate Mother's Day this year? I've got a few unique ideas that I'd love to share with you.
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Val's View: How to Celebrate Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a day that we honor the selfless love a mother provides. It’s a time to show our appreciation for the cherished mothers in our lives. If you're looking for some creative ways to make this year’s holiday memorable, here are a few ideas:

Quality Time Together

Unconditional love is cultivated by spending time together being present and engaged. Carve out a specific block of time and plan a shared activity. I did a water aerobics class with my son spontaneously a few years ago and we both had a blast. Baking is a fun activity AND you both end up with a sweet treat. My mother-in-law and I picked fresh berries and made a cobbler together once- it was divine. Another fun memory is the time I sang karaoke with my mom on a road trip. We stopped off in a small town bar and although we were terrible, we had a great time singing together. Of course, you don’t have to travel far to celebrate. If you want to just relax at home and pamper each other, DIY facials and hair masks are a great option. You can create a little beauty station with fancy teas, infused waters, towel turbans, and plush spa robes to set the mood.

Handwritten Letters

There is nothing quite as heartfelt as taking the time to express yourself through pen and paper. I know I have been brought to tears by cards and notes my son has written to me. Enclosing some photos and humorous memories in your letter really shows how much you appreciate your relationship. You can even pen a short poem or spell out her name with an acrostic poem. For example if you are honoring someone named Viv, you can create a poem like this:




Surprise Gifts

Sentimental gifts are a wonderful way to show gratitude to the mother in your life. If she loves photos of her family, you can get her a picture frame engraved with her childrens’ names. Along with this present, you can give her a voucher for a session with a professional photographer to recreate one of her favorite family pics. My friend recreated the outfit and pose from a picture of her as a kid, and the result was super cute. For the woman with tons of hobbies, a necklace with charms of her favorite activities would be an ideal gift. If you know she likes golf, a new outfit, glove, and custom-colored balls to match will make her day.

If you are gifting clothing, coordinate the styles and prints with her special interests. If she loves butterflies, the pattern on the Coconut Row Sunny Brushstroke UPF50+ Sleeveless Dress resembles bold butterfly wings. If she is a flower enthusiast, get her a gorgeous bouquet with a floral dress to match. My mother always reminded me of hibiscus flowers because she would pick the blossoms from our tree and arrange them in a glass in the kitchen. If hibiscus is also the favorite flower of your gift recipient, the Stella Parker Hibiscus Palm UPF50 Tunic Dress is the perfect dress to slip on for a visit to the botanical gardens.

Beach Day

My mom loved the ocean and was an avid windsurfer. We used to go to Hobie Beach in Miami so she could practice the sport, and I was in awe that she could harness the wind and fly across the water. Even if your mom isn’t as athletic, a picnic on the water is great. Pack her favorite foods to make a nice spread. You can even stage a cute oasis with an umbrella, outdoor pillows, and a few shells. Don’t forget to bring a bluetooth speaker for her favorite tunes!

Unexpected Offers

A thoughtful choice for a Mother’s Day present is to make a little book full of coupons she can redeem for chores like taking her car for a wash or an oil change. Grocery shopping, closet organizing, and house cleaning are other coupon ideas that she might truly appreciate.

Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to thank the remarkable women in your life. Even if they are not related to you, be sure to thank the nurturers and caregivers in your life. The most important gift you can give is love because it lasts a lifetime.


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