In the Clutches of Style: Spotlight on Small Handbags

In the Clutches of Style: Spotlight on Small Handbags

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For women in Florida, few accessories are as important as a handbag, a tote bag or purse but a clutch bag, specifically, is a vital addition to a Florida lifestyle wardrobe. 

From a practical perspective, a clutch, whether it's an envelope-style clutch with simple, sleek lines or something lofty and textured, clutch purses hold the essentials for dining out. Money, phone, keys and maybe - reading glasses - can be held in one compact handbag. There's no need to lug a huge, cumbersome handbag into a restaurant or crowded coffee shop when the necessities are contained in one small-scale handbag. 

Spotlight on Small Handbags - Envelope Clutch

"Your handbag is the most emotional purchase you make. It has to be just right - fashionable as well as functional." ~Isaac Mizrahi

Beyond the sheer functionality of carrying a clutch, there are other factors to consider. Not only are these stylish silhouettes the perfect carryall for essentials but they're also a fashion statement. Carrying a clutch can add:

  • A pop of color to a neutral ensemble
  • A feminine element to an outfit
  • Texture and visual interest to complete a look

This classic clutch is a timeless option for evenings out. Subtle, quilted texture in basic black with a gold chain accent, this envelope style by Rebecca and Rifka channels the classic Chanel 2.55 handbag at a micro-fraction of the cost. Adding this bag and a strappy sandal to a simple dress or jeans and t-shirt can boost up a boring outfit to the height of fashion.

Spotlight on Small Handbag - Rebecca and Rifka Black Clutch

For days when relinquishing the clutches of a larger bag (handbag pun intended) isn't an option, there are vibrant, colorful options that include totes bags with removable zippered clutches. This is a perfect combination for everyday use, for traveling or to carry to the pool or beach. Talk about versatile accessory perfection!

Spotlight on Small Handbags -  Tote Bag

In photos of Diana, Princess of Wales, she was often seen exiting a car holding an evening bag to her chest. In fact, she referred to those clutches as her 'cleavage bags' as they were the perfect accessory to block photos of a low neckline from unwanted camera angles. 

Spotlight on Small Handbags - Mellow World Clutch

While women in Florida are more likely to attend luncheons, dinners or Happy Hours rather than paparazzi-filled functions, a clutch or evening bag is every bit as elegant and useful as they are to royalty. 


By: Elisabeth Cook


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Denise Corsile

Makes me want to go out and shop for an entire new wardrobe of bags!!!!

Makes me want to go out and shop for an entire new wardrobe of bags!!!!

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