Sometimes We Like To Feel Trendy: Our Take On Ombre

Sometimes We Like To Feel Trendy: Our Take On Ombre

Ombré, that hand-crafted look of color fading from dark to light, can be seen in beauty trends, home interiors and in clothing, from coats to lingerie - and every garment in between. 

Ombre Trend Report
Part art-form, part trend, ombré lends a sophisticated answer to Bohemian style whereas its dip-dye cousin, tie-dye is a bolder, hippy version of a handcrafted look. 

Used in interior designs it can create a casual environment overall or adding one element of ombré can loosen up an otherwise staid room. Draperies, bed linens and upholstery fabrics take on a fresh, updated look when adding subtly shaded fabrics. Hard surfaces, too, benefit from the ombré trend. San Francisco-based tile company, Cle Tile (pronounced 'clay'), features dip-dye concrete 3x6 tiles that, when installed, create a vivid ombré effect against the industrial concrete backdrop. 

Oceanside Glasstile creates custom mosaics in gradient patterns, the result being an impressionistic version of ombré.

For a dramatic commitment to the look, ombre walls are an economical and grand design choice. As many fans of Pinterest know, there are dozens of examples to inspire a desire for this Boho statement. 

Maybe the most obvious evidence of the resurgence of ombré as a trend is in the beauty industry. Long-haired girls can be seen with ombre highlights, with darker roots flowing in gentle waves out to progressively lighter ends. The effect gives a natural look, as if tresses were kissed by the sun rather than painted in a salon.
Perhaps less natural but equally stylish look is the uber-popular trend of ombre manicures. Fingernails can be painted hit create a gradient effect, whether spray-painted or sponge-painted at home, an ombre manicure can be a fun, fast nod to the trend. For easy DIY instructions, click here!

Of course, the most obvious way to tap into this trend, just like any other, is to choose to add ombre to an ensemble. Ombre is everywhere! It can be found in fitness apparel, swimwear (including ours), cashmere sweaters, scarves and even wedding dresses!  By choosing flattering colors to frame the face, any gradient color combination will work for anyone. Worn one piece at a time, ombre-dyed garments offer a playfully elegant highlight to anyone’s wardrobe. So whether it’s a sweeping maxi dress making a big ombre statement or a small, gradient-dyed handbag, adding any light-to-dark element instantly adds a fashion-forward look to an outfit. Find our stylish options below.


By: Elizabeth Cook


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