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Val's View: Dressing Over the Decades

I must confess I’m a fearless fashion addict for 50 plus years. Over the decades, my style has changed, but one thing has not: the confidence to wear what makes me happy. 
I must confess I’m a fearless fashion addict for 50 plus years. One of my earliest memories started with a pair of hot pants and an elephant print bodysuit. And, of course, I had white go-go boots. I proudly wore this statement outfit while riding my bike. From that moment on, I was able to indulge my flair and unique form of expression through clothing.
Living and growing up in South Florida’s sun-drenched paradise has given me plenty of opportunities to experiment with my ever-changing style. In my home town of Coconut Grove, I remembered the '70s era fondly. Hippy meets preppy has once again come full circle. Those images intrigued me and shaped my taste that continues to evolve today. The yuppies in their topsiders and polo shirts from the yacht club walking alongside the rock and roll t-shirts and bell-bottom jeans were fascinating to me. I still gravitate and admire both of those vibes.
The '80s were influenced by the MTV videos. Who can forget the Material Girl or Girls just wanna have fun?! Permission granted to dance freely and over accessorize! My love for travel and the influence of European ease of style started during this decade. In Milan, I fell in love with all things Italian, especially pasta. I came back curvier and have embraced it ever since. I love to wear my NYDJ (Not your daughter Jeans) and I’ve decided carbs are staying in my life. Just can't help but live the good life! 
Trends come and go and some circle back. I don’t miss the pantyhose and shoulder pads of the Dynasty days. I do love the flexible Lycra fabrics the '90s brought us. The gender barriers were starting to crash down just like the Berlin wall. The damsel was no longer in distress but her denim was.
When the Y2K came along, so did my son. It was my turn to figure out dressing for 2, from the runway to the carpool lane. I tried to navigate that one without too many embarrassing moments. Let’s just say I got a few side-eyes from the other moms but I always follow my own script. Whatever I choose, my son always keeps me in check.
Shapeshifter is the word that comes to mind for us busy ladies. Fashion is a great conversation starter and a way to express ideas. A fun graphic tee can say what is on your mind. Even if you live in a power suit or a swimsuit as long as you enjoy life. I find travel, food, nature, storytelling and trying new things is exciting. Just sharing a laugh or a meal, don’t wait to wear your favorite pieces for special occasions. Oh, and make new memories whenever possible.
The year 2020 is upon us and as our climate and clothing change, I am ready to take on new challenges. Versatility and utilitarian fabrics like the Ibkul go with me on my adventures from an epic hike or a lazy poolside read. Movement keeps us young in mind, body, and spirit. As that unapologetic fashionista, I still won’t compromise comfort. No matter the activity from Antiquing to mentoring I love to dress the part. The trick is not to overthink it, just own it!
Let me know in the comments below: what has been your favorite decade of fashion or style? 
x.o.x.o. Val

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