Val's View: The #1 Summer Wardrobe Must Have

Posted on 14 June 2019

IBKUL Annie Crew Neck Sun Shirt

If you aren’t familiar with IBKUL or their amazing sun shirts, it is certainly time to bring you up to speed. I hate to break it to you, but you have been missing out! 

As the temperatures rise (somedays into the 90s here in Florida), I continually look into my closet and wonder what I could possibly wear to get through the day. I want to look put together, be somewhat comfortable (honestly, you can’t help but sweat a little with these temperatures) but I have no interest in running around in frumpy workout gear. 

This is where IBKUL saves the day, almost every day. Summer calls for clothing that is breathable, flexible and of course colorful - here at Anthony’s we love to stand out from the crowd in some color. IBKUL has knocked it out of the park with sun protection tops in prints and colors that are just to die for!

I am going to tell you exactly why you need an IBKUL sun shirt. Stay tuned! 


IBKUL Bitty Sun Shirt

UPF50+ Sun Protection 

First and most importantly, IBKUL features UPF50+ sun protection in all of your tops. I am so grateful that I can throw this top on with a pair of white Coconut Row slacks and that I am protected. Quick, simple and chic, now that is how I like my resort style. My dermatologist loves it too! 

For the days I join the ladies out on the golf course or work in my garden, which can be brutal this time of year, I can’t do without my sun protection tops. It is truly the best that I can continue to do all of my favorite activities outdoors and I don’t have to fret about reapplying sunscreen throughout the day. I just grab a sun hat and my IBKUL top and I go! 


Patented IceFil Cooling Fabric    

I know if you are in Florida, you are thinking, but Val, how in the world can I get through the day wearing long sleeves? I love the sun protection, but I cannot manage to wear long sleeves when it is 93 degrees out. 

IBKUL came up with a solution for you. Their tops are actually cooling, fast-drying and moisture wicking for those wicked summer days thanks to the IceFil fabric. This is not a joke, give it shot!


IBKUL Sarah Paisley Crew Neck Sun Shirt

Mesh Sleeve Inserts

So even if you aren’t totally convinced with the discussion about the IceFil fabric, IBKUL was innovative enough to engineer their tops to breathe for even more cooling power. Say hello to the mesh inserts on the underside of the sleeves. I know it sounds a little out there, but once you try it, you can’t go back. Especially in the middle of the summer when you just want a little cool relief. 


Stunning Bold & Bright Prints

One of my personal favorite things about IBKUL sun shirts is the variety of colors and prints they are available in. I love to add a punch of color, especially to my summer wardrobe, and IBKUL has mastered the art of the print. One of my favorites this summer season is the Annie Watercolor Floral Sun Shirt. It is the epitome of summer in a top. You definitely cannot go wrong in this one, or really any of the beautiful and vibrant tops. 


IBKUL Annie Watercolor Floral Sun Shirt


So whether I am planning on hitting the tennis court this summer or just enjoying a nice iced tea on the veranda, I will be doing so in my IBKUL sun shirts. If you haven’t tried one yet, this is the perfect season to give them a try. I don’t know about you, but I plan on taking the summer on in style, comfort in color and there is only one way to do that: IBKUL

x.o.x.o, Val


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  • Marilyn: June 17, 2019

    Most informative message. I thought they would be cool but didn’t realize they’d be flexible enough for tennis! I’ll come in today to try them on!

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