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A Chat with Style Influencer the SheSheShow

I recently had a chat with style influencer Sheree Frede (nicknamed SheShe) of shesheshow.com and would love to give you the scoop all about her photogenic lifestyle!
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The way people are getting information has evolved so much in the last few decades. It used to be through the newspaper and at the local coffee shop. These previous outlets have given way to platforms like TikTok, Twitter, and as of late it’s been all about the gram (Instagram, that is). Who knows what the next wave of innovation in communication will bring! 

I’d like to introduce you to a lady that is an expert in innovation. I recently had a chat with Sheree Frede (nicknamed SheShe) of shesheshow.com and would love to share some highlights from our conversation. Sheree is an entertaining fashionista who many ladies admire and follow on social media for her lively lifestyle journey.

 Sheree putting her feet up

Val: Sheree, you are a brand ambassador and a very much-admired social media influencer. Tell us how a gal of 66 years young got here.

Sheree: Well Val, I landed here after my time in the aviation field. I started as a flight attendant in the ‘70 and I became a pilot in the ‘80s when not too many women were becoming pilots. It was one of the biggest challenges I took on but I just loved it. I traveled and was empowered by the people I met. Afterwards, I continued to travel with a group of girlfriends. We sailed all over the world on yachts and formed lifelong bonds and experiences that I think shaped who I am and my style today. 

V: Who helped you get into the world of technology that can be so intimidating to those over 55?

S: I’ve always been a curious person and my grandson mentioned YouTube one day so I said, “What’s that?”

He couldn’t believe I didn’t know this world of social media so he helped me learn. I didn’t want to be left behind! Fast forward to today and with the help of my grandson, my adorable millennial assistant, and lots of practice here I am. I didn’t even know what a hashtag was 7 years ago when I started. 

V: Speaking of hashtags, do you have a favorite?

S: My current favorite hashtag is #sandytoes since I love the beach so much. Sanibel Island in Florida is my second home!

V: You mentioned to me that you have never been afraid of adventure which reminds me of a quote by another female aviator, Amelia Earhart. She said, “adventure is worthwhile in itself.“

As far as adventures, what’s left on your bucket list? 

S: I’d love to go back to Africa and spend time with the flatland gorillas so Tanzania is next for me, as soon as international travel opens up again. I’m optimistic that I’ll visit Asia, specifically Thailand, too. 

V: How important are your girlfriends and how do you help instill confidence in them? 

S: They are extremely important to me and a great girlfriend should always have your back. As far as confidence, if they compliment me on some of my colorful and bold looks, I tell them to try out a unique look in their own way.

V: What is your go to piece in your closet right now? 

S: I love a chunky necklace and I don’t leave the house without my earrings- I feel naked without them. I like to build an outfit around a piece. I’m really into kaftans and kimonos and I love tiered dresses. They are flattering on all shapes and heights. 

V: You seem to mix luxury with affordable, funky with classic. What’s the key to pulling that off?

S: I invest in leather goods: a great bag or shoe is a wonderful way to elevate your style and then you can play with less-expensive trendy items. You can also update your jeans each year with what is on trend. If you want a new look with some coverage, try a blazer or ruana.

Color is the best way to express your personality. I personally love hot pink, bright yellow and green. I also love a champagne monochromatic look; it's classy and regal.

V: Do you believe “dressing appropriately” is an individual’s choice? For example, I’m a fan of shorts and I’m 56.

S: Oh yes, I love a cute pair of shorts for walking in the South Florida heat. I use a good spray tan to help my legs look more toned. 

V: Which past fashion era inspires you the most? 

S: I’m inspired right now with the Regency Era of the early 1800’s. Bridgerton on Netflix has me wanting a time machine! I also love the flared jeans of the 1970’s. 

V: Whose style do you admire the most, from the past or present?

S: I love the classic style of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. 

V: Thanks SheShe! Keep writing your next chapter, we’ll be sure to read it!

Sheree posing on her Jeep

SheShe also gives back by shining a light on charities like Recipe for Success and Hope Farms.

We all influence each other everyday through the power of suggestion. Let’s lift each other up and spread positive energy with our ideas, values, and of course our fabulous style!

Let us know in the comments below what you took away from Sheree’s style tips! 

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Dina fiorito

Love her
Positivity! Thank you for sharing!

Love her
Positivity! Thank you for sharing!

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