Val's View: The Five Love Languages

Posted on 10 February 2021

There are many meaningful ways to communicate your love to one another on Valentine’s Day. No matter if it’s romantic, platonic, or familial, we all want to share that unmistakable feeling. Whether you make a grand gesture or just want to impart a thoughtful sentiment, try to be authentic and let it come from your heart. Traditional ways of celebrating have been the proverbial red roses, chocolate, and jewelry. As Marilyn Monroe said, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Here are some suggestions as spoken through the five love languages: gifts, action, physical touch, time together, and my personal favorite, encouraging words.

1. Gifts: Think about the personality of the recipient and tailor the gift for them. Do they love being at home? Make their bed with a new set of sheets and light some of their favorite scented candles for when they get home after a long day. Or if you both love fashion, take each other shopping and pick out his and hers styles. You can see what your significant other would like to see you wear. When giving presents, keep in mind that you want to impress them and ensure that they enjoy their gift for years to come. Flowers fade but memories last a lifetime. Remember the engraved lockets with your beloved’s photo inside? I like the idea of restyling precious vintage jewelry and making it modern. After all, people treasure things with sentimental value.

2. Action: Here’s an idea- plan a themed date to recreate your honeymoon. If you can’t travel to Hawaii right now, relax with some homemade Mai Tai’s and get the Polynesian vibes going. Go out for peel-and-eat shrimp and pina colada-flavored shave ice. To get into a casual mood, wear an adorable Gloria’s Fashions romper from Anthony’s Ladies Apparel and take a day trip to hunt seashells by the seashore. Get in touch with the idea you are doing something that breaks with routine and expresses that you are thinking of your significant other.

3. Physical touch: You can start by holding hands; it inspires a close, friendly feeling that reminds you of why you are together. And never underestimate the power of a great hug! You can even watch classic movies together and snuggle in La Cera’s Whisper Knit cozy loungewear to get comfy.

4. Time together: Try and learn something new about your loved one even if you feel as though you’ve known them forever. Astrology charts are fun to do if you know the time of your birth. You can also research your family trees and frame them. Go for a tandem bike ride or enjoy an art walk. If you take a stroll on the beach, remember your IBKUL UPF50+ sun protective clothing. Whatever you do, have fun and keep an open mind.

5. Encouraging words: Mark Twain said, “I can live for two months on a good compliment.” Give the gift of optimism! Make a pact only to repeat good news and positive comments. If you falter, which is likely, you will have to put a dollar in a jar. The intention and healthy competition may keep you in check. Nag free? Imagine that! If you can’t express yourself like a poet on this Valentine’s Day, take the time to look up some special quotes or favorite songs to listen to together.

They say love is the universal language. Which one of the five is yours? There are no rules for a perfect Valentine’s Day. Remember, no matter which ways you decide to express love, the most important message to convey is admiration. With love in the air this month, all of us from Anthony’s wish you a beautiful and loving holiday!

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