Val's View: Sun Safe Clothing to Protect Your Skin in Style

We all love to have fun in the sun here in the sunshine state but the slogan “fry now pay later” is no joke. I still love to get outside and experience the sun’s glowing rays, but I’ve learned to be careful about my exposure. I am grateful for many things but sensitive skin is not one of them, so I opt for protection in the safest, easiest way possible. Sun safe clothing is a sure bet to maximize coverage and ensure that I don’t have trouble with the real dangers of skin cancer. Shielding ourselves from UV rays and preventing premature aging is easy with sun safe apparel.

Right Anthony's Resort Wear Tropical Trellis UPF50+ Travel Dress (similar)

Versatile Attire

The fashion available to keep rays at bay includes an array of possibilities. Moisture-wicking fabric blends in vibrant colors and patterns keep you looking sharp and safe all in one. The best part about wearing UPF50+ clothing: you can slip on a garment and not worry about reapplying sunscreen there. Utilitarian articles are no longer akin to fishing gear or masculine cuts that don’t flatter or feel fun to wear. That extra protection against sunburn and age spots can be functional and look fresh.

Invest in Yourself

Take care of your skin and look great while doing it! Golfing, brunch, and morning walks are all prime exposure times. Even when driving or running errands, your skin is vulnerable. You can feel good about wearing something that will last and keep your skin looking youthful.

I like wearing a slip-on dress during summer: the Stella Parker Fuchsia Flora UPF30+ Notch Neck Sleeveless Dress is a perfect choice. I also love the Anthony's Resort Wear Beach Bungalows UPF50+ Sleeveless Dress because it reminds me of places I have stayed on vacation. I especially love that these are so easy to care for and travel with. I go back and forth from Miami to Palm Beach frequently, and these are so easy to throw in a weekender bag and go!

UPF: What it is and Why it Matters

Ultraviolet Protection Factor indicates how much UV radiation (both UVB and UVA) a fabric allows to reach your skin. For example, UPF50+ blocks 98% of the sun's rays, which reduces your risk of a sunburn significantly. We look for it in eyewear and now it should be a part of our wardrobe. UPF is different from SPF, which only measures UVB rays.

The three C’s are important:

Color- Bright colors keep UV rays from reaching your skin by absorbing them rather than allowing them to penetrate the skin's delicate surface.

Content- The density of woven fabrics is more protective than super sheer materials.

Construction- The technology has gotten so good that they are extremely effective and still super lightweight for our sweltering summers.

Swim Safe

I feel like I could live in the pool for the next 4 months! I’m active and into fashion, plus I’m fair-skinned, so finding the perfect swimwear is a tall order. Thankfully, I’ve figured out how to have fun in the sun without sacrificing style. All of Beach House’s swimwear has UPF50+ sun protection, including the Estate Stripe Zip-Front Rash Guard and Zippered Swim Skort which I love.  

And for a smooth transition from the beach to happy hour, check out the Solid UPF50+ Sleeveless Zip Dress by IBKUL. You can feel comfortable and contemporary while preserving the health of your skin.

Figuring out your sun safe wardrobe is an essential part of wearing the clothing that will keep you looking great for years to come. Shop Anthony’s for sun protective clothing today!

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