Spanx: the Building Block of a Slimming Look

Spanx: the Building Block of a Slimming Look

Celebrate the season of dressing up for holiday parties by instantly smoothing your figure! How? In slimming and tummy trimming Spanx that make you look up to 5 pounds lighter.  
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Have you noticed how much celebrities talk about their undergarments during awards season? Each year on the red carpet, they'll thank their Spanx. Or they celebrate the slimming and tummy trimming undergarments that make them look like they're wearing nothing under those beautiful gowns.

Why brag about what's under there? Because today's underpinnings are as well-engineered and as smooth-riding as a BMW!

With the holiday parties just around the corner, you might want to check out Spanx shapewear. (The founder, Sara Blakely, is the world's youngest female, self-made billionaire!) These undergarments are the best for that slimming look we are all after.

Spanx comes in many shapes -- from high-waisted garments called "Higher Power" that reach up to your bra line and down to your knees to camisoles that make bra bulges disappear. These modern undergarments can make you look a size or two slimmer, and they're comfortable to boot.

Spanx High Waist Short

How does Spanx work?

While the Spanx brand has expanded since they started with the classic Footless Body-Shaping Pantyhose in 2000, they are still after the same basics: slimming and smoothing the body. These footless pantyhose were designed to provide a smooth and slim look under white pants.

How do they do it? No elastic bands.

Tight elastic bands create visible lines. So instead, today's base layers have stretch technology that provides invisible support. In fact, many of the shapewear created by Spanx over the years have foregone the center-seam to give more support with less squeeze.

What do we love about Spanx?

What is there not to love. The seamless design, the tummy control, the double gusset opening for when nature calls, the no-slip strip in the stay-put waistband, and the all-over support for any activity or evening out. As fans of Spanx, Oprah and Michelle Obama also happen to agree with us!

What is it like to wear shapewear?

Spanx is comfortable, and they really do work. Just check out Val's View of trying them out for a week. As Val mentioned, Spanx feels like a hug instead of a girdle totally constricting you. You might even walk a little taller from the added confidence of knowing that you are showing off your best assets.

Which style is best under a dress?

The Higher Power Short will be the best undergarment for under a dress vs. a pair of pants. This short will smooth the waist and the thighs together, so you have no unwanted bulges. In addition, form-fitting high-waisted shapewear will eliminate the unwanted muffin top leaving you with a smooth finish from head to toe.

What color Spanx is best?

First look at what you are most likely to want your Spanx for. If you are thinking under the LBD (little black dress), then we would recommend going with black. If you are looking for something under those white pants or other neutral or softer tone wardrobe items, then we would recommend sticking with the nude. In all honesty, the nude color probably has a little more versatility because it would also work under a black garment.

Should you wear underwear under Spanx?

The simple answer is no most of the time. Spanx short styles can easily eliminate those unwanted panty lines under your favorite shorts, skorts, capris and ankle pants. Excess fabric will also lead to extra bulk which no one wants.

Our Top 5 Spanx Tips:

  1. Make sure you buy the correct size. Check out the size chart and ensure you select your shapewear based on your current size, not the size you hope to be. Remember: Spanx is meant to be slimming but also comfortable.
  2. Do not try to put these on straight out of the shower. Always give yourself a little time to cool down before slipping Spanx on.
  3. If the high-waisted style does not fit your rib cage perfectly, try tucking the top band under your bra band. This will keep your Spanx from rolling down.
  4. If you are prone to cling or static, just rub your Spanx with a dryer sheet.
  5. Take proper care of your Spanx. It is recommended that you hand wash and line dry or dry flat for longevity. This will also help with maintaining the fit.

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Miss Rick

I started wearing Spanx about six months ago and I fell in love with the way they hides everything.While putting everything else in the perfect spots.

I started wearing Spanx about six months ago and I fell in love with the way they hides everything.While putting everything else in the perfect spots.

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