Three Items to Instantly Elevate Your Wardrobe

...a Closet full of Clothes and Nothing to Wear? Not anymore!

You don't need a personal stylist, a makeup artist, and a million pieces of clothing and shoes to look fab. You can accomplish "chic" by having a couple key items that you can grab at moment's notice. It will make your life easier and less stressful and you will still look stunning! Check out these three items you MUST HAVE in your closet... especially in Florida!

1) Skirt with Sass

Anthony's has just the skirt for your cruise wear and resort wear needs. You can mix and match it with many colored tops and fun jewelry. Bold patterns and prints have the power to make your look. All over bright florals, bright colors, and stripes, are good examples of this. Pair with simple basics and you've got a real look.    

2) The Right-Size Jeans

Choose jeans that are flattering and tailored to YOUR body. Just because a pair of jeans looks great on your friend does not mean they will look good on you. Try Anthony's Clarisa Ankle Pant, you won't be sorry. They are so comfortable and completely slimming! These are the jeans you want in your closet. You will want several pairs, trust me.

3) Chic Sandals  

You cannot live in Florida or travel to Florida and not bring a pair of sandals! They are a total "must-have"! With comfort and style both being key - leather sandals are the way to go. Try Anthony's Mohawk Sandal in gold. They will go perfectly with your jeans or skirts too! ;) #oohlala Oh yes, and they are perfect for a day or evening look too.

Remember, looking more fashionable isn't always about wearing the most expensive clothes or even the trendiest clothes. Just be classic and chic. Most importantly, be yourself. Let your style shine! After all, sometimes "chic" is as easy as throwing on some cool jeans or adding some signature sunglasses to your looks. Anthony's has the perfect looks for you to leave your home in style. (Audrey Hepburn would approve).

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By: Melissa Ferguson

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