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Master Your Grace or Frankie Look

With five great seasons on Netflix, and a sixth season on the way, Grace and Frankie is one of the most popular shows for women of all ages! However, it's especially popular for its take on the life of the post middle-age characters who are fun, full of life, vibrant, and definitely not “old".

How to Master Your Grace or Frankie Style

Many women adore Grace (Jane Fonda's character) and Frankie (Lily Tomlin's character). They are relatable characters, who frankly, would be a blast to hang around with! Not only do they have great personalities, but they are also style icons. Their styles are made up by Allyson Fanger - an Emmy-nominated costume designer. And what a great job she's done putting together Grace's classic, tailored look and Frankie's bohemian style.

Get Grace's Classic Look

Grace’s style is a tailored, classic look - much more conservative than Frankie's look. It's a reflection of her character's personality. In season one, she had just retired from her successful career, and she usually still wore tailored suits, white knit tee shirts, and chic silk blouses. As the series has continued, Grace’s look has become a tad more casual, yet always chic.

For Grace's look, Fanger says she often uses designer knits and cashmere. But lately, Fanger has varied Grace's look and has put her in print blouses.

Master the Grace Look

Flyaway Double-Pocket Cardigan by Tribal

Cashmere Pearl Embellished Dress Topper by Claudia Nichole

Non-Iron Shirt by Foxcroft

Skinny Denim Ankle Pant by Rafaella

Get Frankie's Bohemian Look

Frankie has an artistic spirit, and usually wears lot of flowy kimonos, printed tees, kaftans, and chunky jewelry. Fanger said in a previous interview that she finds Frankie’s clothes at stores or places that are weird, unique, or strange. She's found many of her clothes at vintage popup shops on the East Coast. She's also had a few pieces handmade by crafty designers.

Master the Frankie Look

Floral Emboidered Peasant Top by Zac and Rachel


Fish Bones Vintage Tee Shirt by Marushka

Pull-On Floral Printed Pant by Sunny Leigh

Modern Mosaic Open Cardigan by Impulse

It's fun to watch the show, but do you know which character you relate to the most? If you want to know if you're more like Grace or Frankie, you can take this entertaining quiz here!

Then stop in or scroll through the Anthony's Ladies Apparel website to find more looks like Grace or Frankie!

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By: Melissa Ferguson

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