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10 Easy Summer Entertaining Ideas

With Memorial Day right around the corner, many of us will share cookouts and gatherings with friends and family. Summer is such a fun time of year with all of these festive events. Here are some ideas to make your cookouts and get-togethers easy and stress-free!

Of course, having a stress-free time is the ultimate goal of a summer cookout. Summer allows us to get out of the kitchen and into the Florida sunshine. For these occasions, it's helpful to choose dishes that can be served at room temperature. This will give you flexibility with your timetable. Also, choose a bright, colorful centerpiece for a pop of color. Bright colored fruits and veggies on white platters are simple, yet elegant choices. But of course, the most important thing to remember at the gathering is to have fun! I'm sure your guests will agree! :)

Top Tips for Entertaining:


1. Pre-heat the grill with enough time to have everything ready in time for lunch/dinner.

2. Choose fresh ingredients the local farmers' markets or even your garden to make side platters.

3. When entertaining your friends and family, choose one or two proteins - (keep vegetarians in mind) - and three sides. 

4. Put out some salsa! It goes with so many things!

5. Find a nice wine or sparkling wine to serve with your main course.

6. Have a self-serve bar out. It's a low-maintenance piece and lets guests easily help themselves.

7. Keep the décor casual, yet chic—simple potted flowers alongside plates and silverware are all you need to make it feel special.

8. Create a summer playlist for your gathering! Look for fun hits mixed in with classics!

9. For dessert, fresh fruit fruit with whipped cream is the way to go. It’s fresh, and great on its own too!

10. Have a camera or smartphone on hand to take pictures. After all, you don't want to miss a photo opp of your lovely party!

Sometimes it is difficult to throw a gathering and prepare everything yourself beforehand. So, if you need more help and hands, ask your friends to bring dishes or to assist you. Oh, and don't forget to get some colorful, fun summer fashions to wear to your party - you want to stand out in style! 

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By: Melissa Ferguson

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