What to Pack for a Florida Vacation

Florida is such a popular destination for "snow birds" - those who vacation here for the winter season and then leave come spring. But for Florida residents, there is also a variety of fun things to do all year-round!

At Anthony's Ladies Apparel, we want each of you to feel beautiful and to live your life in color! If you are looking to enjoy a resort getaway in Florida or to take a staycation to enjoy the blue, crystal clear waters and gorgeous beaches, here is a comprehensive list of what clothes to pack for a Florida vacation. You can most likely even fit these things in a carry-on!

Here’s What to Pack for a Week Vacation in Florida

1. Bathing Suits (2 Recommended)

One of the best things to do in Florida is go for a swim. Whether taking a dip in the Gulf of Mexico in beautiful Siesta Key or Marco Island, or a dive into the clear blue waters of the Atlantic in West Palm Beach, Florida offers plenty of beautiful beaches to explore. And it would hardly be a Florida vacation without pool access!

But one thing you’ll need to enjoy all of the beautiful water? A swimsuit! We recommend packing at least two so that you never have to deal with squeezing on a wet suit, which let’s face it, is uncomfortable, clammy, and often constricting and difficult to do.

And don't forget to pack a beach towel!

2. Sun Shirts or Sundresses (2 Recommended)

When we think of what to wear in Florida, we think of light, flowy, breathable, and protective clothing. Here at Anthony's we have an array of UPF50+ sun shirts and sundresses for any flavor of style. You will feel colorful with the bold patterns and festive prints that IBKUL, G Lifestyle, and Anthony's Resort Wear have to offer.

3. Tops (4 Recommended)

That's right, all you really need are four tops. Just choose some fun, playful, colorful, tops that you can wear interchangeably. It's smart to bring tops that you can mix and match with your pants and accessories.

And by bringing only a few, you decrease your stress about what to wear. (Always a plus!) You probably will want to have a comfortable cotton tee to have on hand as well. You never know when you will want to take a walk or go on a bike ride!

Top Coconut Row Fiji Flower UPF50+ Mock Neck TopShort Coconut Row Pull-On Everyday Short

4. Sweaters or Windbreakers (1-2 Recommended)

Most Florida vacationers and snowbirds like to visit Florida from November to April, with a large majority of folks visiting anywhere from February on. In May and June, parts of Florida start getting very hot, and thanks to a subtropical climate, humid, stormy, and rainy.

That said, Florida can be prone to cold snaps, especially if you visit on the outer edges of what’s considered “in-season”, let alone the “off-season”. Plus, most restaurants and resorts are air conditioned, which can cause temperature-sensitive people to get cold quickly.

Therefore although Florida can be hot on the whole, we do recommend bringing some seasonally-appropriate light outerwear like a light sweater. If you visit during the summer, you’ll also definitely want a raincoat and rain boots or weathersafe shoes.

Sweater Avalin V-Neck Tunic SweaterPant Krazy Larry Classic Pull-On Ankle Pant

5. Pants (1 Recommended)

Yes, ladies, we recommend bringing only one pair of pants. Usually, a resort will have a washing machine and dryer that you can use, or they will even wash your clothing for you! So, unless you are doing some extreme activity, one pair of pants will suffice.

We recommend choosing a comfortable travel pant that will complement all your tops! That way, you'll be all set for dinners, happy hours, resort lunches, or whatever the days may bring.

Not sold on just bringing one pair of pants? Bring a pair of yoga pants along, too. They’re perfect for lounging or exercising and can be scrunched up or rolled into free space in a suitcase without worry of wrinkling. Just remember, many Florida destination spots in-season can be quite hot!

6. Shorts (1-2 Recommended)

Depending on what your plans are for your resort getaway, you will want to have one or two pairs of shorts on hand. I recommend one of Anthony's slimming, comfortable, pairs of bermuda shorts for daily wear or a game of golf. And if you plan to workout or take walks, you will want to have a pair of athletic shorts with you as well.

7.Dresses (2 Recommended)

You will definitely want to pack a couple dresses that can take you from day to evening. Dresses are great when traveling because they are not only comfortable and cute, but also easy to fold and pack. So, basically, you have less stress on your hands and can have more fun! You can dress them down during the day with cute sandals, and dress them up at night with statement accessories for dinner with loved ones!

8. Other Resort Necessities

Of course, don't forget a pair of sandals and a pair of shoes. You will also need a few accessories to complement your outfits. And obviously, a pair of sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen are musts for the tropical, Florida weather. They'll go nicely with whatever sun shirt or beach cover-up you bring with you.

A versatile handbag is also a must. We suggest only bringing one, so you don't have to keep switching bags, but if you'd like, a small clutch would be good to pack for dinners and nightlife.

Outfit Ideas for a Florida Vacation

Arrival: Comfy dress + sandals

Beach: UPF50 sundress + sandals + sunglasses + hat (if you're swimming, don't forget your swimsuit + cover-up)

Sightseeing: Shorts + top + sandals (a comfy dress would also be an option)

Dinner/Nightlife: Pants + top + statement accessories + sandals

When you plan your final packing list, definitely consider your specific needs. Maybe you don't need that extra dress or pair of shorts. It depends on your style and your itinerary. Stay beautiful and have a lovely resort vacation!

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