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What to Pack for a Florida Vacation

Florida is such a popular destination for "snow birds" and "snow flakes" - those who come to stay in Florida - or go to and from Florida for the season. But for Florida residents, there is also a variety of fun things to do all year-round! At Anthony's Ladies Apparel, we want each of you to feel beautiful and to live your life in color! If you are looking to enjoy a resort getaway in Florida or to take a staycation to enjoy the blue, crystal clear waters and gorgeous beaches, here is a packing list with some of the recommended essentials. You can most-likely even fit these things in a carry-on!

Packing List for a Florida Vacation or Staycation

1) Sun Shirts or Sun Dresses (2 Recommended)

Here at Anthony's we have an array of UPF 50+ sun shirts and sun dresses for any flavor of style. You will feel alive in color with the bold patterns and festive prints that IBkul, BLOQ UV, Anthony's Resort Wear, and San Soleil have to offer. #LiveYourBestLife!

Idea: Silky Bubbles V-Neck Print Top by Anthony's Resort Wear

2) Tops (4 Recommended)

That's right, all you really need are four tops. Just choose some fun, playful, colorful, tops that you can wear interchangeably. It's smart to bring tops that you can mix and match with your pants and accessories. And by bringing only a few, you decrease your stress about what to wear. (Always a plus!) You probably will want to have a comfortable cotton tee to have on hand as well. You never know when you will want to take a walk or go on a bike ride!

Idea: Tahoe Cold-Shoulder Burnout Tunic by Jess and Jane

3) Pants (1 Recommended)

Yes, ladies, I recommend bringing only one pair of pants. Usually, a resort will have a washing machine and dryer that you can use, or they will even wash your clothing for you! So, unless you are doing some extreme activity, one pair of pants will suffice. I recommend to choose a comfortable travel pant that will complement all your tops! That way, you'll be all set for dinners, happy hours, resort lunches, or whatever the days may bring. :) 

Idea: Lattice Stud Pull-On Capri Pant by Counterparts

4) Shorts (1 or 2 Pairs Recommended)

Depending on what your plans are for your resort getaway, you will want to have one or two pairs of shorts on hand. I recommend one of Anthony's slimming, comfortable, pairs of Bermuda shorts for daily wear or a game of golf. And if you plan to workout or take walks, you will want to have a pair of athletic shorts with you as well.

Idea: Multi Palm Print Pull-On Bermuda Short by Breezes

5) Dresses (2 Recommended)

You will definitely want to pack a couple dresses that can take you from day to evening. I love to wear dresses when traveling because they are not only comfortable and cute, but also easy to fold and pack. So, basically, you have less stress on your hands and can have more fun! You can dress them down during the day with cute sandals, and dress them up at night with statement accessories for dinner with loved ones!

Idea: Silky Palm Print Dress by Anthony's Resort Wear

6) Other Resort Necessities

Of course, don't forget a pair of sandals and a pair of shoes. You will also need a few accessories to complement your outfits. And obviously, a pair of sunglasses, a stunning swimsuit, a hat, and sunscreen are musts for the tropical, Florida weather. They'll go nicely with whatever sun shirt or beach cover-up you bring with you.

A versatile handbag is also a must. I would only bring one, so you don't have to keep switching bags. But if you'd like, a cute clutch would be good to pack for dinners and nightlife. Also, consider packing a sweater or jacket in case the temp gets a tad chilly. 


Outfit Ideas for a Florida Vacation

Arrival: Comfy dress + sandals 

Beach: UPF 50+ sun dress + sandals + sunglasses + hat

Sightseeing: Shorts + top + sandals (a comfy dress would also be an option)

Dinner/Nightlife: Pants + top + statement accessories + sandals

When you plan your final packing list, definitely consider your specific needs. Maybe you don't need that extra dress or pair of shorts. It depends on your style and your itinerary. Stay beautiful and have a lovely resort vacation!

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By: Melissa Ferguson



You did not mention the most important item for Florida. A bathing suit!!

You did not mention the most important item for Florida. A bathing suit!!


You didn’t mention a bathing suit!!
Most important item for Florida.

You didn’t mention a bathing suit!!
Most important item for Florida.

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