Val's View: Why Kristin Crenshaw pants are my new best friend

You know what they say about Lay’s potato chips, right? You can’t eat just one.

This is how I feel about the Kristin Crenshaw pants I just bought at Anthony’s.

I bought not one, not two – but SIX pairs of these stretchy, slim pants, and here’s why.

First, I pulled on a pair of black ankle-length Kristins.

I looked skinny. I felt like a slightly hippie-fied version of Audrey Hepburn.

Holly Golightly, eat your heart out.

I looked good, if I do say so myself.

My husband Marv, who happened to be hanging out, doing the Cryptoquip in The Palm Beach Post, looked up and asked me if I had lost weight.

Just hearing “Have you lost weight?” come out of Marv’s mouth was a miracle unlike any I’ve experienced since Marv bought me diamond stud earrings AND agreed it was time for us to become permanent Floridians.

Of course, the first chance I could, I headed over to the nearest Anthony’s retail store. After all, they’ve been dressing fashionable Florida ladies for 120 years!

My Kristin Crenshaw pants created the women’s fashion equivalent of the Baby Boomer miracle: I looked so svelte, it was like I had not eaten any Lay’s potato chips since Woodstock.

The pants pull on as easily as leggings – but they don’t cling to my legs like leggings. They are slim and ankle-length – so they go with all of my shoes, from flat sandals to evening slip-ons to booties.

And, my gosh, are they stretchy! I could go to Cheesecake Factory and eat two pieces of Oreo cheesecake and the waistband would stretch right along with me. These pants look dressy – AND they’re as comfy as pajamas.

So I bought two black pairs. And two white pairs. And two denim pairs.

My size 14 rear view looks like an 8 – and I can mix and match all my Kristins with new tops I got at Anthony’s.

Oh, did I mention that you can get Kristin Crenshaw pants only at Anthony’s?

Did I mention they form-fit – yet also stretch every way you need them to?

Did I mention that they’re machine washable and look so good you could put a sparkly top on and wear them to a cocktail party?

I have so much more to say about my Kristins … but you’ll have to wait for another blog.


Here’s Val’s vacay tip of the week: Throw a couple Kristin Crenshaw slim pants and a few tunics into a tote bag and head over to Sarasota this month to stroll around Marie Selby Gardens, one of the most peaceful and lovely spots in all of Florida. It’s right on Sarasota Bay. After you get your Zen on at Selby Gardens, head downtown to State Street Eating House for the best cocktail in Florida, the Bramble. Your Kristin Crenshaw pants will take you from gardens to bar – and you’ll look fabulous. (And don’t forget – there’s an Anthony’s store in Nokomis, just a short drive south of Sarasota.)

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