3 Safe Ways to Dry Your Swimsuit Fast

3 Safe Ways to Dry Your Swimsuit Fast

Slipping into a damp swimsuit is a sensory nightmare! We've shared our top tips about how to make your swimsuit dry faster without damaging it.
3 Safe Ways to Dry Your Swimsuit Fast
A brunette woman in a turquoise one-piece swimsuit sits on a wooden pier while her hair blows in the wind.

The waves are calm, the air is pleasantly warm, and you’re ready to jump into the water. You reach for your favorite swimsuit only to discover a cold, soggy, heavy pile of fabric.

You wish you knew how to make your swimsuit dry faster! The correct technique will speed up the drying process and ensure your favorite suit lasts for a long time.

We’ve created this guide to share our tips for how to dry a bathing suit fast. Continue reading if you don’t want to get stuck shimmying into a soggy suit this summer!


Avoid putting your favorite swimsuit in the dryer. That method causes damage to the fabric and elastic, shortening the life of your bathing suit. Instead, try one of the safer alternatives below.

1. The Towel Method

It’s tempting to wring out a wet swimsuit to eliminate excess water quickly. The problem with that method is that it breaks down the elastic over time. This can impact the fit and integrity of your bathing suit.

Instead, lay down a dry towel. Either a bath towel or beach towel will work fine. Place your swimsuit flat on top of the towel, then roll them both up.

You can gently squeeze out the excess moisture. The towel will absorb the liquid, speeding up your dry time. Do not twist!

When you’re done, unroll the towel and place the swimsuit on a second dry towel. Lay it out flat and allow it to air dry.

A blonde woman in a patterned bathing suit gazes downward as she poses with one hand in her hair against the background of a swimming pool.

2. Increase the Circulation

You can dry your swimsuit indoors or outdoors, but choose the location with the best air circulation.

On a breezy day, lay your swimsuit on a flat outdoor surface out of direct sunlight. Sunlight will cause fading, impacting the appearance of your bathing suit. Avoid hanging it from a clothesline, as that will stretch out the fabric.

If there’s no breeze, you can create circulation indoors by laying your swimsuit near a fan. This method disperses excess moisture evenly, speeding up your dry time.

A laughing woman with dark curly hair and a multi-colored one-piece swimsuit frolics in the waves at the beach.

3. Choose Faster Drying Swimsuits

The fastest drying method begins before you’ve even left the store! Certain fabrics are naturally faster-drying, requiring less time and effort between swims. Sometimes brands advertise these as “quick dry swimsuits.” Other times, a glance at the tag can tell you all you need to know (and save you money).

The next time you’re shopping for a new bathing suit, look for the following:

  • Polyamide
  • Lycra or Spandex
  • Polyester
  • Hydrophobic coating

The most durable, fast-drying swimsuits will feature a polyester and spandex blend. They’ll also be colorfast and form-fitting for a more attractive look and fit.

A laughing brunette woman in a floral blue swimsuit stands with her feet in a swimming pool.


The above methods will ensure your swimsuit dries completely between dips in the ocean or pool. Still, a few extra steps can help extend the life of your bathing suit without adding to the dry time.

Give it a Rinse

Over time, chlorine, suntan lotion, sweat, and sea salt can build up on the surface of your swimsuit. Each of these can break down the fibers and impact the stretch and fit of your suit. Before you use one of the methods above, rinse your bathing suit with cool water to remove excess chemicals and substances.

It may seem silly to wet your swimsuit in the process of drying it, but you’ll be glad you did!

Keep it Out of the Washing Machine

Always check the washing instructions before you clean your swimsuit. Nearly every quality bathing suit is hand wash only. Turn your swimsuit inside out and wash it with a mild detergent in room-temperature water. Again, avoid the instinct to wring it out afterward, which will lead to damage.



When you find the perfect swimsuit, you’ll want to show it off—but if your bathing suit is damp, cold, and heavy, you won’t want to flaunt it on the beach. You definitely won’t want to wear it if it’s damaged, faded, or stretched out. Our tips for how to make your swimsuit dry faster will maintain the integrity of your favorite suit and ensure it’ll be in perfect shape in time for your next swim.

Are you ready to give our tips a try? Shop our swimwear collection today!

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