Val's View: How to Invoke Fall into Florida Fashion

Posted on 11 October 2021

I live in Miami, and we joke here that there are two seasons: super hot and not too hot. Yet, regardless of our tropical temperatures, once the pre-holiday months roll in and fashions begin to morph, mention a pumpkin latte, and I’m all in! So how, you ask, do I achieve fall fashion in Florida? I start with my color palette- I suddenly crave espresso, nutmeg, burgundy, and rich chocolates. Come autumn, I go crazy for caviar, cognac, and olives. These are the delicious colors nature brings to cuisine, and fall prompts us to indulge in all of them.

Fabulous Color Combinations

I get ideas from so many sources: nature, paintings, decor, and food. Express your mood and write your own colorful story. You are more clever than you think. Pair dusty rose with slate gray, spruce, or cream. A monochromatic ensemble is a winner for a regal impression. To stand out, you could go for a bold print that appears like texture. The Rattlesnake Ruffle Neck UPF50+ Top by Anthony’s Resort Wear evokes an exotic feel and has a silky knit stretch fabric that keeps you looking sharp and feeling current.

Anthony's Resort Wear Rattlesnake Ruffle Neck UPF 50+ Top


Matching your look to your skin tone and hair is a great tip to complement your coloring:

  • Silver-haired foxes look lovely in royal blue and navy
  • Redheads can rock sage green 
  • Brunettes shine in orangey reds
  • Blondes have more fun in black and white 


Experiment with Styles

It could be that my taste for fall clothing stems from a feeling that summer is behind us, and it’s a time for projects, classes, and work to begin. I like to think ahead and have ideas on hand, so I workshop my closet and plan looks that are easy and save time for impromptu opportunities that may arise. Even back in high school, we had no uniforms, so we had the freedom to experiment with clothing when classes began. We had themes and genres, but we wore things according to our individual styles. Choice is wonderful, and luckily, nobody’s dictating what to wear. If there is one area where we can have some fun right now, it is in the wardrobe department.


Reimagine Your Look 

Don’t check all the usual boxes- make new ones! Integrate your staple items like a great black pull-on pant and add a statement piece like an asymmetrical top. Jess and Jane’s Fiesta Stretch Asymmetrical Tunic feels just right for an evening of outdoor dining at a Miami venue with live music. Little things go a long way to complete your look. Switch your straw hat for a felt one. Throw on a lightweight scarf to add color. Try a creamy bronze eyeshadow, a sleek chignon, and a mauve lip. Adding a cuff, belt, or purse in darker hues changes up your ensemble fast. Are you feeling bored with what’s in your closet? Being your own stylist and shopping online makes it so easy to find styles without the hassle of parking!Jess and Jane Fiesta Stretch Asymmetrical Tunic

Finding Your Favorites

Now that I’m almost 57, I care less about whether someone appreciates my personal style, but I still enjoy giving others gifts that they will love. I bought my sister-in-law the Gottex Lifestyle Talita Espresso UPF50+ Sun Shirt with moisture-wicking and sun protection fabric for her daily walks. It keeps her cool and chic, and she said she feels amazing in it. I may even get her the blue one for her birthday. Sometimes it’s easier to gift someone else something fabulous, but don’t forget about yourself! Did you know that you can now keep track of your favorite merchandise on the Anthony’s website with the Wishlist feature? On each product’s page, simply click the button with a heart that says “Add to Wishlist” to start curating a list of your faves. 

IBKUL Talita Espresso UPF50+ Sun Shirt

Perfect Pics

Nowadays, everyone is constantly taking photos for social media, so I always try to be prepared to say cheese! I’ll even snap a selfie and share it with a confidant who isn’t afraid to say yay or nay on an outfit choice that I'm trying out. Here are some ensemble ideas that I’ve been experimenting with lately: 

  • High-low hemlines in rich colors, like Parsley and Sage’s Gemma High-Low Patchwork Top, work well on my shape, and they give nice coverage.

Parsley and Sage Gemma High-Low Patchwork Top


Ruby Rd. Batik Chic Watercolor Stripe Blouse


  • The weather will be getting a little drier, and the cooler breeze in the air gets me in the mood to wear longer skirts, button-front shirts, and classic lightweight outerwear like the Anthony’s Resort Wear Fringed Tweed Jacket.

Anthony's Resort Wear Fringed Tweed Jacket


Jess and Jane Magic Dots Cowl Neck Tunic


  • My top autumn pick is the Fall Leaves Ruffle Sleeve Dress by MDS. The sleeves and neckline are adorable, while the silhouette is perfect for my curvy figure.

MDS Fall Leaves Ruffle Sleeve Dress

Now that you have some good ideas on infusing your Florida wardrobe with fall vibes, what do you plan to wear this season? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Stephanie Erdman: November 11, 2021

    Wow I am so impressed by this company! I first entered and Anthony store a couple of weeks ago and I cannot believe how beautiful and how well everything fits. After walking out there with a bundle I shortly thereafter made a purchase online. It was here in a couple of days. I can always use help with putting a style together and what looks good on my body and Anthony is always there to help. I’m heading there today, again for this 25% off sale. Thank you Val for writing such an awesome article.

  • Marcie: November 05, 2021

    Dear Val,
    So happy to read your blog! I look forward to reading it! Your seasonal fashion tips and inspirations make me feel more feminine, and inspire me to want to try new fashions and ideas. Thank you for your contributions in this blog.

  • Monica Gonzalez: October 27, 2021

    Great styling advice that is practical and encouraging. I loved the tips on how one can use color to compliment their natural coloring.

    Blue snake print is so good!

  • Nancy Greeley Pelkey: October 27, 2021

    Great blog and sage fashion/life advice. Here in New England we wait for fall, and it lasts 10 seconds before we are bundled up for cold days and long nights. Love the clothes, Val!

  • Lisa ellis: October 14, 2021

    Nice article, Val always gives helpful advice. 👍

  • Lorraine Hubsch: October 14, 2021

    Thank you Val, I have been really enjoying your blog. I am learning a lot about fashion from you. I recently bought to of the colorful gortex shirts and get compliments on them everytime I where them. You’ve helped me think about putting some color into my wardrobe and it lifts my spirit.

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