4+ Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas for Women Over 50

4+ Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas for Women Over 50

This Valentine’s Day, look and feel better than ever with some help from our 4+ outfit ideas for women over 50.
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What to Wear This Valentine’s Day: 4+ Tasteful Outfit Ideas

February 14 is a day that is synonymous with love, pampering, and a dash of decadence (we’re looking at you 36-count box of chocolate and bottle of red wine!)

Whether single or partnered, we invite you to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s Day!). That can mean getting a massage, wearing the nicest Valentine’s Day outfit for women you can think of while taking yourself out to eat, or engaging in a little retail therapy.  

We all recognize that true beauty begins within. Still, the right outfit can go a long way toward increasing your confidence and making you feel your best, especially on a day like Valentine’s Day! So here is a list of some of our best dressy and casual Valentine’s Day outfits.

1. Peachy and Pink

If 2023 was the year of Barbie pink, 2024 is the year of “Peach Fuzz”. Be that as it may, w Whether you’re partial to bright, vibrant jewel tones like magenta or relatively more muted pastels like apricot and peach, there is a perfect shade of pink for you to wear this Valentine’s Day.  

Is wearing pink on February 14 a little on the nose? Maybe, but isn’t the whole holiday? So have fun and by all mean means, wear a color that makes you feel pretty! Mix and match these pink staples to your liking for an outfit that's true to you.

2. Rareified Red and Black

Black and red is a classic combination that attracts the right kind of attention. In this Valentine’s Day dinner outfit, you’ll look and feel elegant, cute, and maybe a little daring, too!

3. Belle in Blue and White

Give your inner child some love this Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day in a striped ensemble with tasteful pink accents. Inspired by the fun and joie de vivre of old-fashioned candy shops, this outfit is as whimsical as it is elegant.  

4. Feminine Florals

Nothing says feminine quite like florals. These dresses will have you feeling comfy and cool all Valentine’s Day, whether spent dining outside al fresco or indoors on the couch with good friends.  

Get More Inspiration

We hope whatever you wind up doing and whoever you’re with, you make the most of your Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day this year while looking and feeling your best. You truly deserve it!

Head to our blog “The Sunny Style Report” now or any time of year for inspired outfit ideas, fashion tips, and fun lifestyle pieces.  

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