Winter Outfit Ideas for Women

Winter Outfit Ideas for Women

Searching for cute winter outfit ideas for women over 50? Here are some of our favorite chic and stylish looks for the colder days.
4 Winter Outfit Ideas for Women Over 50

When the temperature starts to drop, it’s time to put away the summer clothes and bring out the pieces that keep you warm on the coldest days. Picking out clothes in the winter can be overwhelming (and even annoying), especially when you prefer warmer-month options like tank tops, shorts, dresses, and sandals.

But there are so many different options when it comes to cold weather clothing, whether you’re looking for casual winter outfits or something chic and sexy for a date night out with your significant other.

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Invest in Our Winter Women's Outfit Ideas

No matter the look you want to achieve, there are plenty of simple looks that are both stylish and functional, allowing you to look great and feel comfortable while you’re navigating the harsh temperatures and inclement weather.

And the best news? You don’t have to worry about investing in an entirely new winter wardrobe. Adding a few staple pieces to your already established collection can bring a few new fresh looks to your closet and boost your confidence during and after the holiday season.

Let’s take a closer look at the essential pieces to add to your collection and how to bring everything together.

Essential Pieces You Need in Your Winter Wardrobe

If you want to maximize your winter weather wardrobe, make sure you have a variety of the following pieces in your closet:

4 Women's Winter Outfit Ideas to Consider

Need women’s winter outfit ideas and guidance? We're here to help. Here are four winter outfit ideas for women to help you look and feel stylish in the colder months.

1. Hoodie Cardigan, Ankle Pants, and Sneakers

Searching for the ideal women’s casual winter outfit idea? Look no further than this look:

This look combines casual and cozy, perfect for lounging near the fireplace with your favorite book or grabbing a cappuccino at the local coffee shop with friends. The French Dressing cardigan sweater has an adjustable drawstring and a hood, making it just as functional as it is comfortable and cute. The sleek Coconut Row pant adds a classic touch, and a pair of sneakers tie everything together.

2. Cardigan, White Tee, Microfiber Pants, Boots

If you need a casual look for a party or a day date with your best friend on a cold winter afternoon, try this look on for size:

Toss on a fitted Anthony's Resort Wear t-shirt and add some character with this unique Milano cardigan. For extra comfort, pair with Krazy Larry's microfiber pants to create a streamlined silhouette. Throw on a pair of black booties and strut your stuff!

3. Embellished Sweater, Printed Flared Pants, Flats

Looking for a cute and trendy winter weather outfit? If you’re bored with the same old sweater look, try this one instead:

This beautifully embellished sweater by Milano adds extra flare to your look with its lace and rhinestone details. The Anthony's Resort Wear printed pants stress the unique look even more while making this outift fun and casual. Add a pair of flats if you’re going for comfort, or consider a pair of heels if you want to elevate the outfit.

4. Tiered Angel Dress, Flower Cardigan, Heels

Dressing up in the winter can be difficult - it’s a mix between wanting to show off a cute dress but feeling the need to cover up and stay warm instead. With so many cute women’s winter outfit ideas, however, you won’t have to pick one side! Try this outfit when you celebrate a festive occasion, grab drinks with your gals, or spend the evening with your significant other:

Plan to sport your cute tiered Angel dress by Look Mode while you’re out on the town, and bring along the Milano flower cardigan just in case you get cold. The heels ensure your look remains timeless and classy, no matter how many layers you need to put on!

Shop the Look at Anthony's

Anthony’s may be your go-to for resort wear, but we can be your one-stop shop for your entire wardrobe! We have plenty of different pants and sweater options, perfect for coming up with new winter outfit ideas for women, no matter your age.

When shopping for new winter outfit ideas for women, just remember to make your comfort and warmth your top priorities. The last thing you want to do is pick an outfit that needs to be covered by a giant parka!

Whether you’re looking for options to hold you over until spring or you’re shopping for next winter, we’ve got you covered! Shop Anthony’s today for all of your winter wardrobe needs.

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