Claudia Nichole Cashmere: Why You Need It

Claudia Nichole Cashmere: Why You Need It

Cashmere. It's lovable, beautiful, fabric that women all around the world have come to know and adore. When you wear cashmere, it's like putting on a rich, soft, comfortable, piece of clothing that embraces the skin. #ClaudiaNichole's cashmere dress toppers are an excellent example of cashmere at its finest. At Anthony's, we have these dress toppers in thirteen different colors! Obviously, you'll need one of each... ;)

Why to Love Cashmere

There are numerous reasons to wear #cashmere - like the chic look and feel of the fabric. Cashmere keeps you warm on the cooler Florida days, yet still works as a lightweight sweater for the warmer days and heavily air-conditioned restaurants and malls (which are very common in Florida). Cashmere is also wonderful for packing. After all, wool sweaters are heavy and bulky - they'll take up more room in your suitcase. Cashmere folds nicely, and can be easily stored in your suitcase, drawer, or closet with little space needed.

How to Wear Claudia Nichole Cashmere

The toppers are perfect for adding a pop of color to your outfits!... (Especially with thirteen colors to choose from!) We love that you can wear them in a variety of ways - it makes it so easy to mix and match with basically any outfit. You can wear them to top off your dress, or scrunch them into stylish scarves to wear with your favorite denim! Check out the photos below for a variety of ways to wear them. Once you try on a Claudia Nichole cashmere dress topper, you will NOT be able to leave the store without it. It's a customer fave and a totally practical, beautifully classic, wardrobe item.

Take Proper Care of Cashmere

So it's obvious we love Claudia Nichole's cashmere at Anthony's... That's why we also promote taking good care of it so it will last for many years to come. Because of the fact that cashmere consists of delicate fibers, there are special rules to follow. Cashmere sweaters usually include a “dry clean only” tag. This is a safe way to clean your sweater. However, you can also hand wash the garment and gently dry it - it will make the cashmere softer!

If you'd like to hand wash your Claudia Nichole cashmere safely, you should use a mild detergent or baby shampoo. After hand-washing, do not wring it out. Instead, lay the cashmere flat down on a towel - you can reshape it as it is drying. Although cashmere takes a long time to dry - it's worth it. Be patient. If you do not have enough time to wait - then funny enough, you can use a salad spinner to dry it faster. This cuts the drying time in half.

A Tip You May Not Know...

Oh, and here is another tip: Do NOT hang your Claudia Nichole cashmere dress topper on a hanger. You will get strange shapes and bumps. The more delicate you are with cashmere, the longer it will last. #Yay!

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By: Melissa Ferguson 

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