How to Wear Shorts Over 50

How to Wear Shorts Over 50

Having trouble finding shorts that make you feel comfortable and confident? Here’s how to wear shorts over 50.
How to Wear Shorts Over 50 with Confidence: 10 Tips and Tricks

With age, style preferences tend to change.

You might not be wearing the same form- fitting dress you adored in your 20s, or the pair of shorts that ruled your 30s.

But just because you’ve entered your 50s, that doesn’t mean you can’t still show off your personal flair. Clothing preferences may have changed, but you can still find flattering shorts that make your resort vacation look more comfortable, freeing, and fashionable.

Pulling off shorts outfits when you’re over 50 is simple and achievable! Here are 10 different tips and tricks on how to wear denim and other shorts over 50:

1. Choose the Length That Works with Your Body Type

The length of your shorts plays a major role in how you wear and style them, and your body type can help you weed out the short types that don’t work for you.

If you have long, toned legs, short shorts can help you accentuate this feature. We recommend an inseam that’s no shorter than 4 inches.

Longer shorts like bermuda shorts can work well for just about any body type, but someone with shorter legs can benefit from this style; long shorts can create the illusion of longer legs and help pull together the rest of the look.

2. Get Your Shorts Tailored

If you have a wardrobe packed to the brim with shorts, but it feels like none of them fit correctly, take them to a tailor. This is a simple way to ensure all of the shorts you already own can still get the wear they deserve. And while you're looking for the best shorts for over 50, you can grab a few pairs from our collection.

3. Don't Let the Shorts Be the Center of Attention

If you’re feeling intimidated by wearing shorts over 50, take the attention away from this piece of clothing and highlight your style with a nice blouse, pair of shoes, or accessory. A flattering blouse with a long, complementary necklace can dress up a pair of cotton shorts with ease and make you feel more comfortable and confident in your look.  

4. Say Goodbye to Tight Denim Shorts

As mentioned previously, wearing a pair of short shorts can be the most flattering when you have long, toned legs, but we recommend getting rid of mini denim shorts. While this style of jean shorts can be reminiscent of your adventurous past, the short, frayed style should be left there.

5. Pair Your Shorts with Fun Accessories

It’s simple to rock a pair of shorts with a tank top or t-shirt when you’re hanging out on the beach, but what about when it’s time to go out with your friends and paint the town red? Accessories can help spruce up a pair of shorts, no matter what style you’re wearing. Elevate your shorts look with a lovely handbag, as well as jewelry like bangle bracelets and statement earrings.

6. Be Selective with Shirts

Just as it’s important to be mindful with your shorts selection, your shirt choice can play a big role in how confidently you wear your shorts! Leave the tops that show off your midriff in the past and instead choose blouses and other tops that are classy and feminine and can balance out the look you want to achieve.

7. Say No to Boots (and Yes to Most Other Shoes)

In most cases, you can pull off any type of shoe with a pair of shorts. However, we recommend staying away from any style of boots. A pair of boots can take away from what you’re trying to achieve with shorts; boots can indirectly cover the length of your legs. Opt for sandals, low-top tennis shoes, and flats when you’re sporting your shorts.

8. Remember Comfort and Style are Both Priorities

Understanding how to wear shorts over 50 is made simple when you remember that comfort is just as important as style. Take your time trying different styles until you find one that makes you look just as comfortable and confident as you feel.

9. Be Yourself and Let Your Confidence Shine

Clothing allows us to outwardly express ourselves, so take advantage of the opportunity to do so with shorts! The best way to exude confidence is by dressing the way you’ve wanted to for years. When shopping for shorts, just be yourself and the confidence will fall into place.

10. Shop for Shorts at Anthony's

Searching for a pair of mid-rise shorts to wear on your upcoming resort vacation? In search of a flattering pair of high-waisted shorts but you’re not sure where to get started? Need walking shorts for the beach? Finding the ultimate pair of shorts for women over 50 is simplified with help from Anthony’s. Here are a couple of our best-selling options:

Our collection of shorts are comfortable and acceptable for women of all ages; whether you’re a woman over 40, 50, or even 60, we have short styles that fit your style preference. They all are great choices and contenders for your search for the best shorts for older ladies. Browse our shorts collection to find the perfect resort wear bottoms.

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