How to Style a Sundress: 7 Tips

How to Style a Sundress: 7 Tips

Do you want to know how to style a sundress? Our 7 tips will inspire you with great options for how to fashionably sport a sundress.

With the weather getting warmer, sundresses are becoming more and more prominent. Sundresses are timeless pieces of clothing that can be worn by all body types. The trick is knowing how to style a sundress. These versatile dresses can be dressed up for a classy daytime affair or worn casually as you go about your day.

If you want to know how to wear dresses like this, then follow these tips:

1. Choose Cropped Outerwear to Emphasize Your Waist

If you're at a loss of what to wear, you can choose a maxi dress like the Bright Blooms Ruched Sleeveless Maxi Dress by Tango Mango. This is a great option because of its bold design with a long flowing silhouette. Maxi dresses can be intimidating if you are worried about looking like you are draped by too much cloth. Adding a simple outer piece can add definition and softly break the silhouette.

The definition from Zac and Rachel’s Double Scalloped Cropped Cardigan can shorten your torso and elongate your legs. This is perfect if you are petite and you have concerns about how to style a sundress for your height. The lightweight material works with the breezy look that comes with a sundress. On top of that, it makes this summer dress look a bit sleeker and casual.

2. Add Some Denim for Depth

If you have a midi sundress like Cherishh’s Polka Dotted Double Layer Tank Dress, you can add some structure with denim. Sundresses are a favorite summer item for a reason—they are comfortable and stylish, and they are effortlessly chic.

This dress has a double layer that adds a wonderful accent to the dress. However, you have the option of adding some structure to your dress. This can be done without removing any of the effortlessness that comes with a sundress. Adding a denim vest like the Button-Down Front Sweater Vest by PBJ Blues is one way to style a dress.

3. Embrace Asymmetry with a Shawl

Sleeveless sundresses are gorgeous during the daytime. Sometimes, you might want to spiff up a daytime look to make it more evening appropriate as the sun sets. The beauty of sundresses like Tango Mango’s Hibiscus Slub-Knit Sleeveless Dress lies in the pattern. This dress has a gorgeous tropical floral-inspired design that makes it timeless and stylish enough to go from day to night.

For added flair, you can pop on an asymmetrical shawl like Vivi’s Lightweight Popover Poncho. This adds a little extra warmth without overpowering the design of your sundress. The asymmetrical design is one way to style a sundress with a print.

4. Add Some Statement Accessories

There are ways to style a sundress that don’t include adding more layers to your clothes. If you choose a sundress like the Gold Necklace Halter Dress by Mlle Gabrielle, then you have a beautiful metallic statement neckline.

You can easily wear this summer dress with a pair of matching gold earrings. You don’t have to stop there for accessories. Adding pops of colors with a bag, a simple belt, or some colorful sandals are also great options. Statement accessories add drama to any outfit with minimal effort.

The layered look of this halter dress makes this an easy one to dress up, which is great if you want to be playful with your sundress outfit. This is one way you can elevate your summer dresses.

5. Accent Your Little Black Sundress with Bohemian Touches

The little black dress is a staple in every woman’s closet, but what about the little black sundress? You can style a sundress like Bali’s Solid Stretch Short Sleeve Dress easily. It has a stunning airiness in how it drapes the body. Don’t let the short length fool you, this is a versatile dress that is effortlessly chic.

You can embrace the casual chicness it has by adding some bohemian accessories. This includes a macrame type of bag, beaded sandals, wooden or woven earrings, and jewelry. You can opt for lighter natural shades to add some contrast when you style a sundress like this.

6. Mix and Match Patterns and Textures

When looking at how to style a sundress, it can be perplexing when trying to work with patterns. If you are a little scared of prints, you can experiment with basic pieces that are not too loud. Try the Dazzling Dots Double Layer Tank Dress by Cherishh. The simple large dotted pattern isn’t difficult to pull off and the soft look makes it a stylish option.

You can wear this sundress with a open-knitted sweater like the Open Crochet High-Low Sweater by Charlie B- the different textures complement each other and create a stunning look.

7. Embrace the Beach with Tie-Dye

Are you someone who loves tie-dye but just can’t find the best way to style it? Don’t worry- it’s totally doable with a tie-dyed sundress like the Tie-Dye Lace Up Short Sleeve Dress by Raya Sun. This is a gorgeous dress on its own, however, if you want to change up your look you can opt for beach accessories when styling a sundress like this.

These can include your oversized sunglasses, floppy beach hat, and some comfortable sandals. Of course, no beach sundress outfit is complete without a gorgeous tote bag.

Explore Our Collection of Sundresses

We hope our outfit ideas for how to style a sundress will inspire the newest additions to your closet. Jewelry pieces, bags, shoes, and outerwear can all easily change the look of your sundresses. Our high-quality sundresses are versatile and are a great option for getting creative with your wardrobe.

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