How Not to Wear Leggings

How Not to Wear Leggings

Some people consider leggings as one of the greatest gifts from the universe. There’s so much versatility in a pair of leggings - they’re a suitable pant for any body type and can be styled for almost any occasion.
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Crystal riding a bicycle while wearing a white top and patterned capri leggings


Some people consider leggings as one of the greatest gifts from the universe. There’s so much versatility in a pair of leggings - they’re a suitable pant for any body type and can be styled for almost any occasion. Much like a skinny version of yoga pants, leggings are simple, soft, and snug, making them incredibly wearable.

The only problem? Understanding which types of tops, accessories, and footwear you can wear with your leggings can be difficult to navigate. Learning how to style leggings so they look great (and hide your underwear) is essential.

Finding a legging outfit that’s equally stylish and comfortable is essential to presenting yourself in a good light, whether you’re going for a more relaxed demeanor in a work environment, stretching in a yoga class, or lounging around with your significant other in your home. Understanding how to wear leggings and how not to wear them can bring you confidence and satisfaction as you strut your stuff in any setting.

So what should you not wear with leggings? Which pieces of clothing can turn you into a style master? Let’s break it down:


How Not to Wear Leggings

Leggings can be a stylish piece of clothing as long as you know how to style them. Here’s how not to wear leggings:


Avoid the Crop Tops

Let’s be honest: Leggings are prone to general tightness in your lower body, which can lead to some discomfort and an unflattering fit. Wearing shirts that put this on display can accentuate this. For this reason, we recommend avoiding crop tops and short shirts altogether. 

If you must wear a shorter t-shirt with your leggings to a workout class, consider tying a sweatshirt around your waist. Or, avoid the leggings and wear pants instead. 


Say No to the Bodysuits

Similar to the crop top situation, wearing a bodysuit with your leggings can be tight and revealing. While both pieces of apparel are cute and comfortable on their own, they don’t pair well together. 


Don’t Wear with Flip Flops

A pair of flip flops and leggings seem like a match made in heavy based on their convenience and comfort, but wearing both at the same time can look like you just threw something together or forgot to pick out your shoes before running out the door in the morning. Save the flip flops for summertime with a pair of high waisted shorts, or wear them around the house with your leggings instead. 


Don’t Style with High Heels

Leggings are meant to be worn with other clothing and accessories that promote flexibility and comfort. Add a pair of heels to the mix and you’ll notice less freedom in your ability to move around and remain comfortable - and things will start to look tacky as well. 


Stay Away from Blouses

Comfort is ideal when you’re dressing for a nice occasion, whether it’s in the workplace or out to dinner with your spouse. But that doesn’t mean a blouse should be paired with leggings. These pants are simply not meant to be worn with fancy tops. 


Leave the Dress At Home 

Wearing a pair of leggings with a dress may seem like a good idea - after all, you’re covering your midsection and the leggings are essentially working as tights, so what’s the issue? Unfortunately, this ensemble matchup can come off a bit juvenile and less than sophisticated. 


How to Wear Leggings

Now that you understand how not to wear leggings, let’s consider some of the style options you can pull off! Here are some essentials to consider when you love leggings: 


Style with Flat Shoes

If you’re looking for the perfect footwear to style with leggings, stick to something flat. A pair of sneakers, ballet flats, or ankle boots go great with a pair of cotton or denim leggings. Even a pair of knee high boots can set the tone for the outfit - these shoes are great for a scenario when you’re wearing leggings in place of tights. No matter what type of shoe you end up choosing to pair with your leggings, always remember that flat is best. 


Stick to Long Tees

Long t-shirts can be your best friend when thrown on top of a pair of leggings. Whether you’re checking out a new exercise class with a pal, heading to the farmer’s market with the kids, or grabbing a quick bite to eat with yourself, a long t-shirt and leggings can give you a sporty and stylish look with ease.


Wear With an Oversize Sweater

Leggings with an oversized sweater or sweatshirt might be the ultimate outfit choice for cozy yet put-together. The contrast between snug leggings and a baggy top works perfectly. Not only does this ensemble provide comfort, but it can also help you feel confident that your midsection is concealed. 



Crystal sitting on a dock in a Jess and Jane top and leggings


Grab Your Leggings From Anthony’s Ladies Apparel 

With these simple style tips, you can say goodbye to embarrassment and hello to total confidence as you style and sport your leggings. If you’re looking for a gorgeous pair of print leggings, colored leggings or plain black leggings, we can assist. 

At Anthony’s Florida, we have a variety of quality leggings to choose from based on your color, type, style, and brand preference. Whether you’re searching for capri or full length leggings, we’ve got you covered no matter the occasion.

Browse our collection of leggings today to find your perfect pair!

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