Fall Florida Fashion Trends 2016: New Collection Faves

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"Everyday is a fashion show and the world is a runway."
-Coco Chanel


The first day of #FloridaFall is almost here, and Fall fashion 2016 is everywhere. With New York Fashion Week behind us and West Palm Beach Fashion Week coming up in November, there are so many exciting #style options! Anthony's fall collection has beautiful, wearable, clothing that will make you look and feel like you are on the catwalk yourself. (so basically you'll look and feel #fab!)

Ps- Your closet needs the following items! 

Don't Forget Your Fall Sweater

Sweaters are crucial for Florida fall. One minute it could be hot and humid and one minute it could be breezy or cool. That's why finding items to accommodate your ideal look is the key to pulling off your customized fall style. Having one of Anthony's Denim Mesh Cardigans to throw on will surely save the day - and the fashion goddesses will approve. The cardigan features a beautifully-colored print for fall and for the upcoming season. Oh, and the sequin embellishment is quite dazzling. This cardigan is happy-hour approved as well. ;)

Be Sure to Wear Your Leggings

I cannot stress enough the importance of owning a pair of these! Anthony's ankle length leggings by Coconut Row are too cute to pass up. They are sleek, lean, and elongating - with the perfect amount of stretch for comfort. You can easily dress them up or dress them down. That's #FallFashion at it's finest!

Another favorite pair of Anthony's leggings are the denim slimming legging... Yes, I said SLIMMING! #oohlala! This pair of Oli and Sofia leggings is stunning and sleek. The wider waistband offers control for the contoured fit we are all looking for. These go perfectly with some ballet flats, a tunic, and your statement jewelry. #sofab

Try a Tunic with Those Leggings

Fall Fashion 2016 is all about bold statements, patterns, and colors. What better fits these qualifications than a Leopard Block Tunic Top? It will give your outfit a zestier look. ;) This Ruby Rd. tunic is chic and comfortable at the same time. It has a relaxed silhouette which is perfect to complete the "leggings look". I recommend this for an evening at your favorite Florida restaurant, a date night, or a girls night out!

Keep in Mind that Season is Almost Upon Us

(if you live in Palm Beach or are vacationing to Palm Beach)

This is so cute for season, it just must-be-had by all! It's Anthony's Stripe Palm Beach Tote by Lilac and Black. This tote is perfect for a day by the beach or by the pool. It's sturdy and features the space you need for your resort lifestyle. Whether you are using it in Palm Beach, or in Florida in general, it's absolutely adorable. With fall, the season, and the holidays coming up - this tote had to be mentioned.

Regardless of the higher Florida temperatures this fall, never limit your wardrobe. You can wear pieces from Anthony's fall collection in your own way to create your own personalized fall look!






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By: Melissa Ferguson 

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