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Top Over 50 Fashion Blogs to Inspire Your Style in 2021

These bloggers are bold ladies over 50 who are not letting archaic notions of "age-appropriate" clothing stop them from being dauntless in their pursuit of individual expression.
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It's easy to get in a fashion rut and feel uninspired about clothing, especially in the middle of a global pandemic that keeps many of us isolated in our homes. One antidote to this style stagnation is to seek out fashion blogs that showcase their creators' incredible ensembles. Here are eight of our favorite style blogs that are written by women over 50. These bloggers are not letting archaic notions of "age-appropriate" clothing stop them from being dauntless in their pursuit of individual expression. So hold on to your (haute couture) hats and let these ladies reignite your love for fashion.


Stephanie from Haute Grey Fox

Based out of North Carolina, Stephanie from Haute Grey Fox exudes a vintage sort of southern lady charm. Her polished outfits pay homage to bygone eras, and the ease with which she wears them is inspiring. Her signature style includes menswear staples gone femme, like wide-legged trousers worn with pointed toe heels and pretty blouses. However, this Grey Fox is no stranger to dresses, and most of her looks are accessorized with a bold red lip. In addition to fashion inspiration on her blog, there are also recipes, travel posts, lifestyle highlights, and many distinctive hats. Throughout her posts, Stephanie encourages her readers to live joyfully and to stay foxy.


Judith from Style Crone

Fellow hat lover Judith of the blog Style Crone has a column called Hat Attack, where she features the milliners who craft the unique and sophisticated hats she encounters on her travels. And it's not only hat designers that she highlights; she often shines a spotlight on lesser-known clothing designers whose apparel she wears with an enviable joie de vivre. Judith is a sparkling example of a crone, a word that she seeks to reclaim to mean an older woman living fully in her power. This crone inhabits her stylish looks with timeless grace and a contemporary artistic zest and looks every bit as comfortable in a pair of blue jeans as she does wearing an opulent vintage gown.


Nina from Sharing a Journey

Sharing a Journey documents a Florida woman enjoying a post-fifty style renaissance, a topic we are passionate about here at Anthony's. Its fashion-forward author, Nina, lives in Tampa and excels at embodying the blog's tagline "Ageless Life and Style." She offers an incredible wealth of style tips for women over 50, and the outfits that she wears are chic and current, such as a well-tailored, checked blazer matched with a pair of dark wash blue jeans. We love how frequently she posts her many helpful clothing, beauty, and lifestyle pointers in articles with titles like "The Complete Guide to Styling Boots" and "How to Set a Summer Table." Nina's journey and how she shares it affords us, the readers, a treasure-trove of encouraging and delightful content.


Dawn Lucy from Fashion Should Be Fun

The catalyst driving Dawn Lucy's blog, Fashion Should Be Fun, is in the title, and we wholeheartedly agree. This blog is for, as she puts it, "women like me who are over 40, but not over fashion." Her looks are fresh, trendy, and in line with her overall ethos that fashion can be playful and intuitive, rather than being based on strict, antiquated rules. One of the blog's main attractions is Wardrobe Building, a series that helps mature women curate a closet they can feel good about. Highlights of this feature include sections like "Identity Crisis=Style Opportunity." We especially love how her unique rock' n roll outfits support her commitment to representing sustainable, ethical clothing brands. She reminds us that you don't have to sacrifice style to follow your heart.


Shauna from Chic Over 50

If absolutely chic and fun fashions set against the backdrop of Utah's otherworldly vistas sound ideal to you, then check out Chic Over 50. Shauna, whose edgy silver pixie cut enhances each look, is the author of this charming blog, and we cannot get enough of her zeal for life. This prolific blogger posts not only her incredibly dashing looks but also writes about fitness, health, travel, and haircare (of course!). Shauna can rock a jumpsuit and booties like no other, and she features a smorgasbord of casual and dressy looks that are a non-ending source of fashion inspiration. She delights in styling clothing in unique ways, and we simply love being along for the ride.


Sheree from She She Show

The name of this blog may be a tongue-twister, but the She She Show is straight-forward enjoyment. The author is Sheree, nicknamed SheShe, and her travel-loving lifestyle is one we can get behind. Like so many of our Anthony's customers, she is a Florida snowbird, and we love how she treats fashion as a luxurious experience. Polished basics that are the antithesis of boring are the cornerstone of the outfits that she posts, though she is certainly not afraid of color. In fact, she even confesses that she sometimes has to force herself to wear black, as her wardrobe is so saturated with bright hues. In addition to her gorgeous outfit posts, she also touches on her aforementioned love for travel and other trappings of a life well-lived, including beauty, health, and food.


Tania from 50 Is Not Old

50 Is Not Old is both this blog's name and its rallying cry. As Tania, its hospitable Southern hostess, writes, "Buying affordable clothing, and showing everybody how they can look stylish, even when on a tight budget, is my mission." She calls her readers "gurls" and warmly shares with us her passion for faith, beauty, and, of course, fashion. Speaking of warmth, this stylish lady loves a sweater, though she incorporates all manner of versatile clothing pieces into her looks and teaches us "gurls" how to do the same. We positively love the mostly monochromatic look she is donning here, with the animal-print jacket adding just a splash of contrasting color and texture.


Lisa from The Silver Stylist

The Silver Stylist is a blog with a very appropriate name. The blogger who runs it, Lisa, has a long silver mane and a love for styling edgy yet beautiful looks. Her aim is to help mature women realize their full fashion potential, and her inspirational outfits lead by example. Lisa's looks verge on daring, and she is not afraid to take fashion risks by mixing current trends with classic basics. One example of this is her pairing a tie-dye tee, bike shorts, and a chunky boot with a double-breasted blazer. The look is unforgettable, and she pulls it off with great aplomb, just like the photo we feature here of two outfits centered around a silky maxi skirt in beachy sunset hues. We love Lisa's take on these summer and fall looks and find it quite Floridian in spirit.

If these bloggers can teach us anything, it is that growing up does not mean giving up. In fact, it is quite the contrary - with each year, we can become more authentically ourselves. One way to express our inner selves to the world is through personal style. We love looking at the content that these bloggers create, not to imitate their looks or life, but to inspire us to find our own unique personal path. When we live out loud and let ourselves shine unapologetically, we give others permission to do the same. Being able to be true to oneself is a key factor in a person's overall well-being. If looking and feeling great can help others, especially in a year of unavoidable solitude, count us in!


Dawn Lucy

Aww thanks SO much! And what a bunch of amazing women!!! ♥️♥️♥️

Aww thanks SO much! And what a bunch of amazing women!!! ♥️♥️♥️

Haute Grey Fox

I am truly humbled and honored to be featured with such incredible women. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Perfect way to bring in the New Year!

Much Love!

I am truly humbled and honored to be featured with such incredible women. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Perfect way to bring in the New Year!

Much Love!

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