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Things We Are Loving: Fall Edition

Fall has finally hit in South Florida, and there is a cool breeze blowing through the palm trees. In honor of this delightful change in seasons, we would like to share some things with you that we love this autumn.

Fall has finally hit in South Florida, and there is a cool breeze blowing through the palm trees. Although it has been cooling down for a couple of months around the rest of the country, we are just now starting to reap the benefits of the pleasantly chilly weather that accompanies the harvest season.


People here are now wearing lightweight sweaters while sipping steamy beverages and taking leisurely walks in the outdoors. In honor of this delightful change in seasons, we would like to share some things with you that we love this autumn.


Bon and Pon Instagram Couple


We'd like to begin with Bon and Pon, a style inspiration duo from overseas. This Japanese couple, both in their 60's, coordinate their daily outfits with each other for a cohesive and fashion-forward look without being too matchy. Celebrating 40 years of marriage, "Bon" (Tsuyoshi Seki) and "Pon" (Tomi Seki) post their synchronized outfits on Instagram and have garnered quite the following. They are masters at layering basics and simple prints to craft fall-perfect looks that are effortlessly cool. We love their fresh take on 60+ style and their commitment to each other, and we hope their spunky attitude towards clothing and aging will inspire you.


Ina Garten in White Button Down



Speaking of couple goals, Ina Garten has an enviable relationship with her husband Jeffrey, and we love being welcomed (via her TV show and cookbooks) into her kitchen. It seems like every recipe she shares with the world is permeated with warmth and hospitality, and we appreciate that her cooking is focused on good ingredients, much like her signature clothing style. At 72 years old, Ina's been wearing virtually the same outfit for years, and her look is both timeless and tasteful: a button-front shirt, black slacks, and flats. The foods she makes are just as reliable, and her hot mulled cider recipe is simple to prepare and delicious. Just combine apple cider, oranges, cinnamon, cloves, and star anise in a saucepan and simmer. How easy is that? Click here for complete instructions on how to create this seasonal drink.


Maybelline, Make Up by Gato for Maybelline New York

 Courtesy of Maybelline, makeup by Gato for Maybelline New York


While that tasty beverage might warm you from the inside, an attractive outer glow can be achieved through the artful application of makeup. Some cosmetic looks shown on fall runways in 2020 have been pretty extreme, but we are very fond of a more understated but no less glamorous beauty trend. According to Glamour magazine, monochromatic rose is a beauty trend that uses the same shade of dusty rose on eyes, lips, and cheeks. There are currently all-in-one creme products that can be used on all areas of the face for an effortless yet pulled-together rosy monochrome look. Try going for a deep, almost rust-colored pink for a radiant autumnal glow.


Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, via Getty Images


One woman who has never lost her glow is Dolly Parton. Dolly, who turns 75 this January, has a sunny outlook on life, and one of her most famous quotes is "the way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain." Those are certainly wise words, especially for the trying times we are living in. She also takes great pride in her appearance while still having a sense of humor about how much "work" she's done. She has a unique personal style, combining her country roots with over-the-top glam touches, like large wigs, sequins, and even giant wearable butterfly wings. Dolly hasn't let the rain stop her from enjoying the rainbows and has looked great the entire time.

 Wuthering Heights Novel Cover


There is nothing better than curling up with a Gothic novel for cozy fall reading on rainy days. This literary genre is perfect for the dreary days that can accompany autumn as it is full of brooding characters, melodramatic plot twists, and stately architecture. We especially love Wuthering Heights, a novel by Emily Bronte, exploring the haunted relationship between moody Catherine and unruly Heathcliff and how their romance is affected by Victorian values. All of this is set against the backdrop of England's windswept Moorland, where Wuthering Heights, the titular estate, is located. Although Halloween has already passed, this novel is sure to be an enjoyable read with its spooky, lingering presence, and supernatural thrills.


What thrills you this Fall? We'd love to hear about your most cherished fall pastimes, books, movies, foods, and other autumn favorites. Let us know in the comments below what you've been enjoying this season!

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