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Pantone 2021 Colors of the Year

It’s official! Pantone Color Institute has announced their 2021 Colors of the Year. One of the best ways to infuse your life with the qualities of these colors is by incorporating them into your daily looks, and we can't wait to tell you how. 
It’s official! Pantone Color Institute, the international leader in foretelling worldwide color trends, has announced their 2021 Colors of the Year- a soft, stoic gray called Ultimate Gray and an electrifying yellow that is known as Illuminating. Since 2000, Pantone has named a Color of the Year for the forthcoming year each December, and 2021 is only the second year since its inception that there has been a dual color of the year. This speaks to the complexities and tribulations of the past year (Ultimate Gray) and the glimmering path we are forging into the future (Illuminating).

Each calendar year, the Color of the Year is decided upon by a consortium of global color experts who see the emerging color trends not just as visual design fads but also as having a more profound purpose in expressing the moment’s universal psychology. In this way, the Color of the Year represents our shared story- where we are coming from, where we are going, and the challenges faced along the way. Of course, the Pantone Color Institute primarily exists to consult industries about practical color usage. Still, the Color of the Year offers hope and a wider perspective on our current collective situation.

While Ultimate Gray may seem at first glance to be a dreary color, it is also a calming neutral that acts as a base to contrast against the brighter yellow hue of Illuminating. Indeed, gray is a color that represents solidity and wisdom. Stones are gray, as is silver hair. There are lessons to be learned from our struggles, and we must have a strong foundation to venture into the future. At Anthonys’ we are excited about Ultimate Gray attire as a backdrop for some of our brighter-hued pieces. And if you have a head of silver locks, why not highlight your gorgeous hair with a monochromatic gray outfit?

Ruby Rd. ’s Instaglam collection has some beautiful gray items, and we are very fond of the
Instaglam Rhinestone Embellished Denim Ankle Pant.

Instaglam Denim Pant

This ankle pant has a lovely granite tone and a subtle sprinkling of rhinestones at the hem. This pant is a wonderful foundation piece to add a pop of color to with a vibrant top, and its pull-on styling ensures that you will stay comfortable while looking fab.

Another item from Ruby Rd.’s Instaglam collection that we adore is the Instaglam Damask Shimmer Knit Top.

Instaglam Shimmer Knit Top

With silvery fabric and other delightful details such as a twist-front hemline and a bejeweled keyhole neckline, this knit top is perfect for a festive occasion. It’s calming dove gray color is accented by a glittering damask print that would coordinate well with a vivid-colored legging or a simple neutral-toned ankle pant. This top is the perfect way to add some sparkle to your look!

One cozy way to add some Ultimate Gray to your daily outfit rotation is with a La Cera Whisper Knit Open Cardigan.

Whisper Knit Open Cardigan

The plush, fleecy fabric will add warmth to your loungewear ensemble. This gray cardigan can also be used as a layer to ward off chilly weather when out running errands and easily be thrown in a tote to take along with you should the temperature drop. Topping your outfit off with this cardigan is a great way to add a serene splash of gray to your look.

While we truly appreciate Ultimate Gray, we need a hit of brilliant Illuminating to brighten and balance everything out. Illuminating was picked as the second color of the year for its “light at the end of the tunnel” quality. Yellow has long been associated with inspiration, and this punchy shade is the color of lemonade, the proverbial symbol of making the best out of what life sends our way. Illuminating evokes a spirited sunny vibe, something we are very familiar with here in Florida. We love adding yellow resort wear to a look, no matter the time of year. You can punctuate an otherwise subdued outfit with a golden-hued top for a burst of color or build an energizing look around a pair of yellow shorts.

In fact, the Pull-On Stretch Scallop Short by Anthony’s Resort Wear is a cute short that comes in a shade called Sunshine.

Pull-On Stretch Scallop Short

With its Illuminating color and delightful scalloped hemline, this short is wonderful for wearing on a warm day for a trip to the park. It is a pull-on short, meaning that you won’t be plagued by uncomfortable zippers or buttons while enjoying your sun-drenched picnic. Pair this short with a neutral top so its pleasant color can really shine.

Another easy-to-wear gold-tinged separate is the Daisies Button-Back Swing Knit Top by the brand Links.
Daisies Button-Back Swing Knit Top

This top has a yellow daisy motif against a gray background, effortlessly combining 2021’s two signature colors. Alongside its attractive print, this top also has button-back detailing and a swing-style body, which will add an extra dose of beauty to your ensemble. This top brings the essence of Spring to any season you wear it in.

If a classic yellow blouse is what you’re after, then the Lightweight Camp Blouse by Zac and Rachel in the color Sundeck is for you.

Lightweight Camp Blouse

This basic blouse is certainly not boring in a vivid lemony yellow fabric that is airy and flowy. It features thoughtful details such as pleats, double chest pockets, and roll-tab sleeves for a polished look at an affordable price. Pair this top with a well-tailored ankle pant in a neutral shade for an Illuminating outfit.

With 2021’s Ultimate Gray and Illuminating in mind, we look forward to a year imbued with a sense of balance and stability, as well as freshness and new horizons. Feeling inspired? One of the best ways to infuse your life with the qualities of the 2021 Colors of the Year is by incorporating them into your daily looks. Do you plan to wear gray and yellow clothing in 2021, and if so, what are your favorite pieces in those colors? Let us know in the comments below!

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