Beat the heat with a cooling shirt by Ibkul

Posted on 28 March 2019


Talk about sizzling style! Did you know there's a pretty and sporty shirt that can cool you off and also protect you from the sun?

It's the Ibkul cooling shirt, and Anthony's, the women's fashion leader, has it!

What's IBKUL? It's a fashion line that combines gorgeous, bright, printed shirts with UPF protection and a special fabric that keeps you cool.

It's like AC for your body -- really!


Made of nylon and poly, the special "IceFil" fabric wicks moisture from your body and converts your sweaty "glow" to a refrigerant. It lowers your skin temperature 5 degrees.

The lightweight fabric also blocks 98 percent of the sun's harmful rays.

UPF in clothes is like SPF in sunscreen. IBKUL shirts have UPF50 sun protection -- and that protection won't wash off.

I like to play golf and tennis with the girls at the club, but our hot August days had been keeping me off the courts -- until I found these great Ibkul shirts at Anthony's.

When I first saw the shirts, I loved the bright Palm Beach-perfect prints. Then I discovered the function -- no sunburn on my arms after a game, plus the amazing fabric made that 90-degree day feel 15 degrees cooler.


What's more...I could move in these shirts and dresses. There's mesh under the arms for more air cooling and movement -- and the mesh is in the same pattern as the shirt, so I don't give up any fashion for the function.

For the first time in my life, I've got shirts that are both pretty and sporty.

I pair my Icikuls long-sleeved polo shirts with white Coconut Row shorts. All my gal pals are jealous -- not only can I play a great round without breaking a sweat, but I also look cute in the clubhouse.

Love to stay cool in our sizzling Florida summer?

Val's Florida travel tip of the week: Walk around Harbourside Place in your Ibkul cooling shirt! I love the Harbourside Place development in Jupiter, but I don't like to sweat while I walk around. Until Ibkul cooling shirts came along, my only stay-cool option was sport shirts that didn't look pretty. Now I can stroll and still stay cool, thanks to Ibkul shirts in pretty Palm Beach colors.

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  • Sandy Painter: May 13, 2017

    Your marketing is always showing the latest trends and new designs, so it’s enticing to
    open your ads in hopes of ordering a chosen item. However, it’s quite disappointing to
    discover that your focus is always on the smaller/average sized woman….even your XL is too small in the shoulders/chest for the
    “average "sized woman – size14-16. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RETHINK YOUR CUSTOMER BASE AND INCLUDE : XXL-2X . After all, after a few washings, the XL drops to a large. You’ll be delighted with the extra dollars from us, and we’ll be your loyal customers for a VERY LONG TIME.

  • Karen: April 27, 2017

    I wondered what size shirt I would buy if I am a size 10. Sometimes golf shirts like these run small and I buy the large. Suggestions?

  • Debbie: April 10, 2017

    I have a number of these shirts and they are so comfortable to wear, plus such attractive and colorful patterns. They will be a huge hit here in New England for we have nothing as bright and cheerful, anywhere for sale here.

  • Annabel: April 27, 2016

    I just bought my daughter the coral shirt on Worth Ave. I wish you would make them in 26 inch for size L or XL.

  • roselyn: January 04, 2016

    i love your cooling shirts because they fit and the colors and patterns are very attractive. Thank you

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