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Save Space and Stay Connected on Vacation

Whether you are heading on a cruise, taking a trip to a new country, or planning a resort staycation, it's helpful to "stay connected" and conserve space in your suitcase. By doing these things, you can take stress off yourself and have more time to enjoy your getaway from the moment you get there!


What Does "Staying Connected" Mean?

"Staying connected" means planning in advance to keep all of your electronics charged, preserving your wifi and data, and bringing the correct adapters necessary (like if you're traveling outside the United States).

Top Tips to Stay Connected

  • Don't Forget Your Portable Charger


Bringing a portable charger with you on your trip can help you preserve your phone or camera power longer. You wouldn't want your camera to die when you're out by a picturesque mountain or beach. You also want to make sure you have your phone charged in case of an emergency! If you can find a portable charger with dual USB ports, that's even better. That way, you can charge two devices at once. Just be sure your portable charger complies with TSA regulations.


  • Save Offline Maps

Saving offline maps can help to save you from using data on your phone. If you download the Google maps app and save city maps to your phone, this will be incredibly helpful (and more affordable) when you're navigating around your destinations. You can highlight restaurants, shops, and must-see destinations - as well as share maps with the friends or family you're traveling with.

  • Bring the Correct Adapter for the Destination You're Going to

Be sure to verify the voltage at the destination you're going to. If you're unsure, you can always call a travel advisor or your hotel or cruise line. 

Tips to Save Money on Vacation

  • Max Out Your Rewards

If you are part of a reward program or get credit card rewards for purchases, you'll definitely want to use these points. Also, check to see which of your credit cards will give you the most back when traveling. Some credit cards will give you extra points for travel purchases!


  • Check Travel Websites 

Oh, and don't forget to check the best travel website to book your trip on. There is a chance you can save a couple hundred dollars when you book your flights and hotels together. Look for "package deals".

Tips to Save Space When Packing


  • Bring a carry-on that fits under your seat

It's much easier to be able to fit your carry-on under your seat than to put it up in an overhead bin. Pack your essentials you'll need for the plane, and put the rest in your suitcase.

  • Choose a lightweight suitcase

Airlines are very strict about weight limits for bags. In order to not over pack, it's helpful to start off with a lightweight suitcase and go from there.

  • Bring a mini steamer or iron

This will help you when unloading your clothes when you get to your destination. If you have a mini steamer, you can easily use it on your clothes before hanging them up. It will help keep all your clothing looking refreshed.

I hope these tips help when you're packing for your next vacation or staycation! And don't forget to visit Anthony's Ladies Apparel for all your resort wear clothing, swimsuits, and sun protection apparel!

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By: Melissa Ferguson

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