Val's View: Why turquoise and coral are universally flattering

Posted on 30 March 2015

My Florida resort wear wardrobe is full of turquoise and coral colors. Why? Because these shades are universally flattering. I have blond hair and light eyes, and my sister has brown hair and amber eyes, but we both look fabulous in these colors.

Why? There's a science behind color, and it applies to all of us.

Hold a piece of silver jewelry up to your face, then hold a piece of gold jewelry up to your face. Which color makes your skin look more alive and vibrant?

People with cool undertones in their skin usually look better in cool tones -- so they look better in silver, pale corals and pale turquoise. Warm undertones come to life next to gold, and deeper turquoise and richer coral stones look wonderful set in gold.

Turquoise can be both cool or warm, depending on the depth of color, because turquoise is a combination of blue (a cool tone) and yellow (a warm tone). The same is true for coral.

Want to prove this theory for yourself? Head over to Anthony's, the experts of Florida women's fashion, and check out the Anthony's Resort Wear collection. Hold up the aqua turtle-print top next to your skin or the aqua and blue fish print. Both will look great on you!

Then wrap a coral-colored scarf with starfish print around your neck and see how the color warms up your complexion -- no matter if your skin undertone is cool or warm.

Wearing vibrant color is part of our Florida resort lifestyle -- we want to look as bright and sunny as our paradise. That's why Anthony's women fashion is so colorful.


Val's tip of the week: Explore Turtle Beach on Siesta Key!

Floridians know why TripAdvisor readers chose Siesta Beach on Siesta Key as America's top beach. The white sand goes on forever. Here's a secret if you're a sunset lover: My husband Marv and I love Turtle Beach, which is just a couple miles south of Siesta Beach. It's less crowded than Siesta Beach and has the same white sand. And I love to wear my turtle-print top from Anthony's Resort Wear collection every time I experience the grand sunset at Turtle Beach.

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