Val's View: Breezy and beautiful -- Why an airy cardigan is a girl's best friend

I don't need cashmere anymore -- not since I moved to my Florida paradise.

Now I wear the perfect "Florida sweater" -- my lightweight, open-front lace or crochet cardigans from Anthony's clothing stores in Florida, my favorite women's fashion store.

Here's what makes these cardigans Florida perfect: They provide coverage and comfort without bulk. These flowy, three-quarter-length sleeve cardigans are more like a breezy layer than a sweater. You will never sweat in these! Yet, they will complete so many outfits, you'll find yourself needing one in every color.

I wear my Brittany Black lace cardigans all summer long over tank tops and slim pants. The lace adds a dressy feel and makes a simple black pant and white tank top look like a finished outfit. Plus, this airy layer folds down tinier than a wallet, making it oh-so-easy to pack for vacations.

I wear my tie-front crochet shrug by Kaktus over all my maxi dresses. Most maxi dresses are sleeveless, and I like the option to cover my arms. With the crochet cardigan, I get sheer, comfortable coverage. I also have an airy cardigan from an exclusive Anthony's brand, Kristin Crenshaw, the same as my favorite slim pants.

Even when the temperature's pushing 90 outside, my "Florida sweaters" from Anthony's transition perfectly from inside to outside, or from restaurant to beach party. They're the perfect, lightweight Florida layer.



Val's tip of the week: I love heading to Florida's west coast and dining outdoors at Phillippi Creek Oyster Bar in Sarasota. You can come by land or sea to this popular waterfront restaurant, which boasts the best oysters in Sarasota. Look for the giant shark statue hanging up out front.

In the Sarasota neighborhood? We have several locations on Florida's west coast, including one in Nokomis

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