Val’s view: My “Palm Beach Fashion Panorama”

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The glamorous 1940s still inspire me. Maybe that’s because the elegance of that era never really goes out of style.

I was rummaging through some antique furniture the other day and made a fun discovery: I found a beautiful ad for Anthony’s women’s fashion from The Palm Beach Post from 1940.

Of course, I knew that Anthony’s has been the leader in women’s resort fashion in Florida for 125 years, but this ad reminded me of how stylish and lovely the Anthony’s woman has always been.

The title of the ad: “Palm Beach Fashion Panorama.” And the pictures of the resort fashions and descriptions are so lovely, I could just picture ‘40s star Gene Tierney strutting her stuff in Palm Beach in the flirty skirts, flowing pants and wide-brimmed hats.

How’s this for a juicy description of wonderful women’s fashion? “A brilliant panorama of next summer’s fashions is being unfolded for you every day at Anthony’s…from luxurious coats to wee-bit sun suits. Page after page of the current resort issues of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Mademoiselle feature the same pulse-stirring fashions that were selected by Anthony’s to color your life from now on! You’ll want to splurge on a whole new wardrobe…just for fun.”

My, how some things don’t change. Anthony’s women’s fashions still make my pulse stir and make me want to splurge!

I love the phrase “wee-bit sun suit,” don’t you? In the ‘40s, it was fashionable to wear a full skirt over your shorts when you wanted to fancy up the look. This era really was the beginning of easy-care resort wear, and Anthony’s featured all the latest looks. (They even sold fun flats to go with the sun suits and called them “Playshoes.”)

I was so inspired by this, I told my hubby Marv: “Honey, I’ll pour you a wee-bit of beer…because I’m running out to Anthony’s to get a wee-bit sun suit!”

I came home with the most fun swimwear separates from Beach House: The Ship Shape twist tankini top with matching swim skirt. I can wear the swim skirt with all my tankini tops from Anthony’s and go from pool to patio with style.

Love dressing with glamorous Palm Beach style?

Val’s tip of the week: 

Play up your own Palm Beach Panorama by wearing an Anthony’s sun suit or shorts and taking a leisurely bike ride along Palm Beach’s famous Lake Trail. The New York Times just featured Palm Beach in a travel story. Here’s what the paper wrote: “Get a sidewalk table at Nick and Johnnie’s and try the Crepe Madame (ham, Gruyère, fried eggs, $12) or the Amazon Bowl (yogurt, quinoa, nuts, fruit, coconut, $16). Then rent bikes at the Palm Beach Bicycle Trail Shop on Sunrise ($29 for up to four hours). Cross Bradley Place to enter the 6-mile-long Lake Trail, then ride north past the Sailfish Club where the path ends; continue on North Lake Way to the Inlet, where ships come and go from the Port of Palm Beach. As you ride back toward town, notice the ficus hedges, artfully sculpted or forming towering walls, and watch for pelicans and parrots overhead. Continue south across Royal Poinciana past the Flagler Museum, Henry Flagler’s spectacular Gilded Age home (which offers a fascinating look at the life of a turn-of-the-century industry titan).”

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