Val’s View: What are Florida’s three greatest fashion ideas?

Posted on 09 February 2015

NO. 1: The Tunic

Every woman who lives in Florida needs a print tunic.

This is the universal top in resort fashion.

You can pair a print tunic with any white pant, and you’ll look appropriate at a “dressy casual” party or a dinner out or strolling down a hip downtown street.

You can even wear a print tunic as a bathing-suit cover up.

The right resort tunic should skim the body but never cling. It should have a slight A-line shape. What’s an A-line and why does that matter? A-line shape tops are exactly how they sound – they are shaped like an “A.” This shape is flattering because it fits in the shoulders but flows out past the hips and thighs. A tunic that is straight up and down is not always the most flattering because most women are not straight up and down.

It should be long enough to cover the rear end. Some embroidery around the neckline is great but not a requirement. And it should have 3/4-length sleeves.

A tunic with elbow-length or three-quarter-length sleeves is most universal – because it takes you to more places.

When to Wear a Tunic

When I go to a church social, for example, I like to keep my arms covered. When I’m dining poolside at a friend’s house, I like a sleeve to enjoy the perfect 70-degree temps we have on winter evenings. If I’m on a cruise, I don’t know whether my day will take me from a sunny port to cocktails on the Lido deck. Elbow-length sleeves work for all occasions.

A small V at the neck is particularly classy and attractive. It’s a tailored look, a grownup look, a more “yacht club” look.

Now that I’m retired and enjoying the Florida resort lifestyle, I don’t mind venturing back to the bohemian days of my youth – and that’s one reason I like printed tops. But the women’s fashion I like today is not quite the same as the fashion I loved in the 1960s.

If my closet was on fire, and I had to grab one top to pull out, I’d pull out a printed tunic top. Parsley & Sage, Valentina and Impulse all make fun cotton prints that are available at Anthony’s.


Val’s tip of the week: Look up in the sky!

Did you know that the Florida Keys are prime spots for star-gazing? The night sky is so beautiful on Scout Key in the Lower Florida Keys that astronomers from all over the world will gather there Feb. 16-22 to admire the celestial beauty. There’s fashion beauty in the Keys, too – check out the Anthony’s stores in Marathon and Key Largo

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