Val's View: They’re Not My Daughter’s Jeans – and NOT Mom Jeans either!

Posted on 16 December 2014

How long has it been since you’ve worn jeans? Since before The Beatles broke up?

Then it’s time to try denim again and revive your inner hippie chick.

You CAN wear denim, if you know what denim to wear.

Here’s where Not Your Daughter’s Jeans comes in.


I know, I know, it’s scary to think about pulling on a pair of blue jeans if you haven’t tried these staples of women’s fashion on in a while. Our jeans way-back-in-the-day used to be 100 percent cotton and woefully unforgivable. If you managed to yank them up over your derriere, they’d hug you like sausage casings and smoosh your midriff bulge into the dreaded “muffin top.” This will never happen with Not Your Daughter’s Jeans (NYDJ).


Special Qualities of These Jeans

NYDJ has changed the way Baby Boomer women look at jeans.

Why? They fit and they stretch! They slide on easily and make you look skinny.

NYDJ jeans and pants are cotton and Spandex with a patented criss-cross panel across the tummy that flattens the pooch. Because the waist comes all the way up to the natural waist, there’s never a muffin spill.

NYDJ bills itself as “the original slimming jeans.”

It’s liberating to put on a pair of jeans that really fit, feel comfortable and make you feel attractive.

They’re Not My Daughter’s Jeans – and they make me feel young again.

Try a pair on at Anthony’s and see for yourself.


Here’s Val’s Florida vacay tip of the week: Wear NYDJ to Naples!

The Naples Winter Wine Festival is one of my favorite events all season. This year, it’s Jan. 23-25. I’ll be wearing my white NYDJ ankle jeans with a festive top. And if I need more jeans, I’ll head to the Anthony’s store in Naples South.

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