Val's View: How do you define Florida style?

Posted on 20 November 2014

How do you define Florida style?
We all know what Florida resort style looks like, right?
Colorful tunics, white pants, sandals, straw hats, bright totes, sunglasses. ... that’s all part of it, sure. But there’s more, so much more.
Who defined Florida women's style?
If you want to know who really invented Florida style, head into one of Anthony’s 13 stores in South Florida.
Anthony’s invented Florida resort style in 1895, when the Anthony brothers followed Henry Flagler’s train to Palm Beach.
Stylish Florida women would not be walking around in white shoes and colorful resort togs if it weren’t for the vision of the Anthony family. And now the fourth generation of the family is in the stores, selling Florida fashion to Florida Baby Boomers like me – and even my mom and daughter.
What I love about shopping at Anthony’s is that I can find all the bright colors I want – in easy-care fabrics – and I also can find the most important ingredient of Florida style: Comfort.
What defines the style?
Let’s face it: We came to Florida to relax. We came to Florida to feel bright. We came to Florida to be happy.
If we wanted to wear black pantsuits and pumps all day, we would have stayed in a colder climate – not this tropical paradise! If we were forced to suck our stomachs in all day, we would be ... very grumpy!
So now that we’re here, what do we wear?
I’m the Anthony’s woman and my name is Val. I can’t wait to share all the women’s fashion secrets I've discovered while shopping at Anthony’s and comparing notes with my Florida friends.
My life is like yours – I love to travel. Cruises! Beachside resorts! Basically, any spot by the water in Florida! I also enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I love to dine and discover new food and drink. And I love to look good doing all that – while, most important of all, being comfortable!
Follow me, Val, in my Anthony’s Woman blog each week.
As I discover great styles and tips, I’ll share them with you. My vacation tips, too.
Because Florida style begins when we relax.
Here’s Val’s Florida vacay tip of the week: January is a great month to go to the Florida Keys. Do you like fast boats and fast cars? The Winter Offshore Poker Run and Regatta in Marathon is set for Friday through Sunday, Jan. 23-25. For more than 20 years, the Florida Powerboat Club has staged Offshore Poker Run events in Key West, attracting more than 160 powerboat teams and about 1,000 attendees from around the globe. Marathon's motoring, boating and flying group rally is to be anchored at the Hyatt Place Hotel at Faro Blanco Resort and Yacht Club, at 1996 Overseas Highway. The newly opened property features a full-service 74-slip marina that is scheduled to open soon. And you know, there’s an Anthony’s story in Marathon – so you can dress in vibrant Florida style for the races.

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