Val's View: Feeling Feminine This Spring

Posted on 30 April 2021

I have always gravitated towards all things romantic- English gardens, petite floral china patterns, beautiful linens- and spring is the perfect time for romance in fashion (and otherwise!). Films like Pride and Prejudice conjure an era of sipping tea, penning love letters, and promenading amongst springtime flowers with one’s beau, all while wearing high-collared lace dresses. Elegant dressing looks a little different in 2021, and this year’s spring finds us spending most of our days in casual “athleisure” outfits when we walk our dogs, attend zoom meetings, and clean our houses. Still, I believe we can embody this season’s feminine spirit by using clothing and self-care rituals to beautify our lives.


Elements of Spring Style


Spring is a time for optimism and new beginnings, and this time of year evokes a color palette of pale pinks, baby blues, and pastel yellows to match with the undercurrent of blossoming renewal. I have collected some beautiful floral printed clothing from Anthony's over the years. Even if you aren’t a fellow fan of traditional flower patterns, images of different botanicals like monstera leaves and other jungle foliage patterns are on-trend. Not only are these prints gorgeous, but they are also ideal for tropical resort wear looks. And speaking of warmer weather, the temperature is just right for a Cabana Life off-the-shoulder dress or a Gloria’s Fashions romper. I happen to love the word “romper”; it makes me feel like grabbing a hula hoop and going back in time! For a slightly more sophisticated way to feel cool and casual, maxi-length dresses are a must. For accessories, I like an embellished sandal or bold sunglasses to add an aura of mystique. If I go for a simple ensemble of a white Foxcroft button-front shirt, a Coconut Row capri pant, and sneakers, then I’ll add a floral scarf as a hair accessory. 


Tips for Added Elegance


Here are some of the ways I incorporate feminine touches:


  • Wearing shorts with scalloped edges. They are flattering, and I feel a little more grown-up in them than in sporty styles. The Pull-On Stretch Scallop Short by Anthony's Resort Wear comes in a wide variety of fun colors, making it easy to put together a cute outfit. 
  • Choosing garments with thoughtful details, like added ruffles, enhances the fashion of everyday looks. I like the Lola Pineapple UPF50+ Ruffle Skort by IBKUL.
  • Keeping my hands and feet manicured. I learned how to do it myself (with my reading glasses, of course). My go-to spring nail polish is “Funny Bunny”, a pearlescent white color by OPI.
  • Spritzing on a fragrance, which is an instant boost of ladylike elegance. I prefer citrus scents, and I love essential oils to lift my mood.


A Girlish Figure with Boyish Charm 


Of course, you can still exude femininity without dressing in floral skirts. Although I love a classic spring dress, I’ll admit I also like the idea of borrowing from the boys. When I was young, Dianne Keaton’s Annie Hall style intrigued me. Her clothing had a sense of humor! I loved the quirky hat, oxford flats, and boxy jacket paired with a billowing maxi skirt. She proved that you could remain feminine, even while adding in some traditionally masculine touches. Joan Jett was another style maverick that influenced my generation. I still love to use a rock-and-roll kohl pencil for a smokey eye on occasions when I want to wear dramatic makeup alongside an otherwise demure outfit. As far as current tomboy haute couture, Kristen Stewart is Chanel’s brand ambassador and always looks poised and edgy, with a slicked-back pixie cut and femme tailored suits. Though she mainly dresses in black, she’s been known to sport an iconic Chanel boucle jacket in a pastel hue. Whichever way you show off your feminine side, be sure to put your own spin on it. Personally, I never felt more girly than when I was pregnant and had a super-short China doll haircut! It doesn’t matter what your unique version of femininity looks like; if you dress to please yourself, you’ll likely look and feel your best. 


Beauty is Power


Clothing affects your posture, and posture affects your confidence. And, of course, confidence is crucial to your style identity. Who are you telling the world you are? You get to decide! I’m bold in my words, but my jewelry is dainty. I’m outspoken, but I like a pretty Peter Pan shirt collar. So wear that wrap dress to the grocery store or Converse sneakers to church! Women are so diverse- we come in a bouquet of colors, shapes, and sizes just like spring flowers- so slip on what feels good to you. The best way to show your power is to be true to yourself because honesty is the key to personal style. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so behold your inner beauty and show up dressed for the job! 

What are your favorite pretty springtime looks and beauty routines? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Jinka Bloom: May 18, 2021

    I so enjoyed reading this over coffee this morning. You have a way of painting fashionable pictures with your words.
    I discovered & fell in love with Anthony’s during our trip to the Keys.
    Not only were there beautiful clothes, but the staff was so fun, warm, and friendly!
    I’m now relegated to treating myself online from N.E. Ohio and nothing cheers up a gray & rainy day like getting a “present in the mail” from Anthony’s!
    Thank you for shining some Floridian sunshine into this corner of the states until next time I can shop in person. 💗

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