Val's View: Date Night Fashion

Val's View: Date Night Fashion

Wondering what to wear for date night this Valentine's Day? I found some great pieces at Anthony's that I would love to show you!


                                                                              CARMEL SNOW

If you are both experienced and evolved, the combination gives you a spark that is undeniably attractive. I have always admired the allure of mature French women; they have an ease of style that isn’t trying too hard but makes the effort to show they feel great.

Our bodies and lifestyles can change over time, and we need to update our looks so they reflect who we are today. Some days you may feel bold, others calm and collected. Either way, let your look match the setting and the vibe of the moment.





When seeking a date night outfit, a great way to begin putting together your look starts with figuring out the location and the weather. Once you know that, you will find the appropriate outfit that works for the setting and your frame of mind. Whether you are heading out for a first date or with your partner of eons, be prepared. Are you dining indoors or outdoors? What's the style of decor and menu? You don’t have to match it but get the general idea. Dress up in colors for a night of dinner and dancing or in a monochromatic mood for a late afternoon beach walk. If enticing is what you're going for, then try cool tones like bright pinks. If energetic is the tone you're imagining, then try warm tones, such as red and turquoise. Bring a wrap for chilly moments that can catch you by surprise. A smart choice for the philharmonic or for waterfront dining is the Oli and Sofia Cashmere Dress Topper that transforms into a scarf and comes in 11 gorgeous colors.





Slipping on a dress can transform your attitude, especially when it’s crafted from an ultra-soft faux suede that is super luxurious and comfortable. The JOH Apparel Faux Suede Patchwork Dress that is available in 6 colors is a sure hit for me, especially in the cobalt and the sky blue. I like to feel swanky but not showy. You can add to any occasion with your own je ne sais quoi-the distinctive quality that makes your clothes come alive is you!

Going for some casual fun? A sunset cruise or a stroll by the docks at the yacht club calls for the nautical feel of the Regatta Blues MJ UPF50 Sleeveless Ruffle Dress by Ana Clare. This sleeveless ruffled dress is simply perfect and timeless. I also really love the Knotted Rope MJ Sleeveless Ruffle Dress which is similar. You can add a little allure by switching up your hair and make-up occasionally. I like beachy waves and colorful eyeshadow.





The Midnight Garden Roll-Tab Button-Front Top by Impulse and a pull-on pant is a wonderful go-to for tropical nights. When you're getting your moves on and listening to salsa music on Calle Ocho, the Bell Sleeve Button-Front Dress by Mlle Gabrielle helps you make an impression with little effort. I prefer having some ready-to-go items for sporting events, fairs, and late afternoon get-togethers just in case I get the urge to see and be seen. This way, I can say yes to invitations and double dates without making excuses not to go. We are social creatures and happier when we connect. You can be fabulous and the queen of comfort because nobody likes a tardy complainer.







Being self-assured in your personal style is so refreshing. It's fun to see people embody what they love and wear it proudly. The trendy Tiana B Zebra Sleeveless Shift Dress has a pullover silhouette and is stunning in a monochromatic color palette. Or you can go for an impactful look in all black with Tiana B’s O-Ring Mock Neck Sleeveless Dress- you may just dance the night away in this flirty find!

A departure from your safe bets can uplift you and your date to let go and get in the groove. We have plenty of responsibilities these days, so these few suggestions may just get you out and about while looking sharp.


How about you? What is your go-to date night ensemble? Let me know in the comments below!

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