Val's View: Adventure Travel for Women Over 55

Val's View: Adventure Travel for Women Over 55

Travel is a pleasure, but it can also be a stressor. Read on for some of my top tips and insights on how to have the trip of a lifetime as a woman over 55.
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Val's View: Adventure Travel for Women Over 55

Life is a journey filled with opportunities to explore, learn and grow, and age is no barrier to embarking on exciting adventures. For women over 55, the world becomes a canvas waiting to be painted with vibrant experiences and unforgettable memories. Adventure travel can be a truly transformative experience, offering a chance to step out of your comfort zone, discover new cultures, and forge connections with fellow travelers. Let’s delve into some valuable tips and insights to empower you to embrace adventure travel with confidence and enthusiasm.

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Embrace Your Inner Adventurer

Don’t sleep on the undeniable truth that the freedom to explore never dies. Age is just a number, and it's never too late to unleash your inner adventurer. Embrace the mindset that the world is your playground, and each destination is an opportunity to explore, learn, and challenge yourself. Seek fresh perspectives and continue discovering yourself. Wanderlust can last a lifetime.

Plan and Prepare Wisely

Before embarking on any adventure, thorough planning is essential. Research your chosen destination, learn about its culture, customs, and cuisine. My girlfriends and I just went to the south of France. With a combined age of 167, we added volumes to our museum of memories. Making it up as we went along at times. We even made our own signature Parisian perfume. Flexibility while planning is important, and being open to spontaneity adds an extra layer of excitement to your adventures. Embrace the unexpected and be willing to adjust your plans if necessary. Creating an itinerary with room for spontaneity can lead to some very cool experiences. For instance, the cobblestone paths that lead to the tiny village of Èze took us to an unforgettable little house we found by chance where we watched as our waiter/chef whipped up the most delightful food for our dinner. Keep an open mind, as things happen during travel that are unexpected. Remember to build in extra time so you don’t stress yourself out!

Choose Adventure Activities Carefully

Adventure means different things to different people. Select activities that align with your comfort level and opt for experiences that excite you without pushing your limits. Europe is filled with staircases and fittingly, our Airbnb was on the third floor. Some of us took the stairs, while others took the elevator. It’s all about what works for you. Look for adventure travel groups that cater specifically to your age group, offering activities and experiences tailored to your age.

Stay Active Before You Go

Staying fit and healthy is key to enjoying adventure travel. Engage in regular physical activities that enhance your stamina and flexibility. Consult your doctor before the trip to ensure you're in good health and remember to pack any essentials like medications.  

Pack Smarter

Packing efficiently is an art, especially for adventure travel. Pack versatile clothing that can be layered, sturdy footwear, and essential accessories. My IBKUL moisture wicking top was a perfect fit for the Mediterranean beaches and cooler nights. I brought foldable totes so I could bring back a few treasures.

Connect with Locals

Interacting with locals can offer a deeper understanding of a destination's culture. For instance, our driver Edward ate pizza and ice cream with us, gave us time saving tips, and even recommended Rome2Rio, an app that helps you navigate public transit globally. You’ll have the best vacation possible when you engage in conversations with the locals, try their cuisine, and participate in community events. The meaningful connections and lasting memories will be worth it.  

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Capture the Moments

By documenting your adventures with photographs and journals, you can relive the magic long after you return home. Sharing your experiences with family and friends inspires them to embrace their own journeys. My photographer friend shot professional photos for our annual charity calendar which we sell to raise funds for women fighting cancer. The opportunity was priceless.  

Reflect and Cherish

As your adventure comes to an end, take time to reflect on the experiences, challenges, and personal growth you've encountered. Cherish the memories and allow them to inspire you for future adventure. Cicero, the Roman statesman, argued, aging is inevitable, but we choose how we react to the process. The trade-off of getting older is there’s more time for friendship, conversation and travel, which are all extremely rewarding. Adventure travel for women over 55 is a remarkable opportunity to break free from routine, embrace new challenges, and create lifelong memories. With the right preparation, an open mind, and a spirit of exploration, you can embark on a journey that enriches your life in countless ways. So, pack your bags, set your sights on the horizon, and let the world become your playground. Adventure awaits!

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