Top Superfoods for Increased Energy

Posted on 28 June 2018

As we get older, our bodies change not only physically on the outside, but also hormonally. When this happens, our mood is affected along with our sleep patterns and energy levels. Doctors, such as Dr. Oz, promote eating a healthy diet and taking a daily multi-vitamin to keep our skin and organs healthy. Eating a high in superfood diet may help prevent/slow the aging process, progression of disease, and even weight gain. Try eating these top superfoods for increased energy to feel fabulous at any age.

Berries are Best

Did you know that berries have anti-aging properties? In fact, research and studies have shown that blueberries - in particular - contain antioxidants that help to prevent Alzheimer’s. Cranberries are recommended for their cardiovascular benefits.

Leafy Greens for Life

Leafy greens are rich in vitamin C. They are also high in other key vitamins that may help delay the aging process.

Broccoli and Cauliflower

Broccoli, brussel sprouts, kale, cauliflower, and are known for their cancer-preventative properties. These vegetables are also rich in vitamins that help our immune systems.

Fish with Omega 3s

Fish with omega 3s, such as salmon and tuna, have properties that protect our hearts, and are important for maintaining a healthy blood pressure. They are also a good source of protein.

Remember Your Whole Grains

Whole grains are sources of fiber and B vitamins.They also help maintain a healthy digestive system and healthy cholesterol levels. 


Yogurt provides a source of calcium. Calcium is important to maintain healthy bones and prevent osteoporosis. Yogurt also provides daily probiotics.

Soy Products

Soy may help reduce the risk of breast cancer. Soy is also ideal heart-healthy choice for vegetarians.

For more information about foods that will help increase your energy as you age, you should consult your doctor. At Anthony's Ladies Apparel, we support our customers' well-beings, and we look forward to helping you find your latest wardrobe summer essentials in-store soon!

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By: Melissa Ferguson

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