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Take a Look at the Tribal Collection

We all know about the spectacular Tribal Pull-On Ankle Pant and Pull-On Capri Pant. If you have already tried them on, then you know they are some of the best pairs of pants you can own. But today, there is even more exciting news: the rest of the new Tribal collection is here! Ladies, take a look at the Tribal clothing collection.

Take a Look at the Tribal Collection

Tribal Pants

If you haven't tried the basic pull-on pants, then you MUST. The Pull-On Ankle Pant by Tribal is what every Anthony's client has been talking about. The pant is made in the unique, comfortable, stretch bengaline fabric that Tribal is known for. Complete with a flattering flat front and a perfectly tailored leg, this pant is a great choice for day-to-evening wear. If you prefer a capri pant, try Tribal's Pull-On 22" Capri Pant. These offer the same style perks as the longer version. You'll love them.

If you are looking to add a little glitz and glam to your everyday pant, Tribal has some beautiful new additions to their pant collection. Tribal's Stud Embellished Pull-On Ankle Pant adds some sparkle to the classic Tribal pant. And of course, it has a comfortable, stretch fabric. This is the perfect pant for a night out. Another variation is the Grommet Embellished Pull-On Capri Pant. It is also embellished with rhinestones and is ideal for seasonal events and happy hours with friends.

Tribal Shorts

Not only has Tribal created the best-fitting pants for women, but they have also created the best-fitting shorts. At Anthony's, our clients cannot stop talking about them! The Pull-On 13" Bermuda Short is made with the comfortable, wide, pull-on waistband - great for gardening, beach walks, or golf days. Another variation with a bit more glam is the Grommet Embellished Pull-On Bermuda Short. These are great for brunches and lunches with friends and family. This short is just a bit more chic and dressy than the Pull-On 13" Bermuda Short.

Tribal Tops and Sweaters

Tribal's Latin Vibe Cutout Ribbed Top adds some wardrobe flare with its unique print and cutout detail on the center of the back. This top is lightly textured with a ribbed fabric. Try it with the Caribbean Blue Grommet Embellished Pull-On Bermuda Short and you'll have a fab outfit. The Latin Vibe V-Neck Burnout Knit Top is also a marvelous choice for your resort lifestyle. This top features a straight fit, 3/4 sleeve, and a triple button detail on the neckline. Tribal's Geometric Knit Top features another unique design. Pair this top with the Pull-On 22" Capri Pant and you are set for whatever your day brings.

A few great tees by Tribal are the Embroidered Knit Tee and the Cap Sleeve Stripe Knit Tee. Both are made of the softest fabric and are stylish and handy for everyday wear. They can be used as base layers or can be mixed and matched with your favorite Tribal shorts or pants. The Split V-Neck Stripe Tee is also a good choice with its modern stripe pattern. For a more elevated look, try the Stud Embellished Knit Tee. With its 3/4 length sleeve and rhinestone studded collar, it is a chic addition to any wardrobe. 

Looking for a super stylish sweater? The Cold Shoulder Stripe Sweater by Tribal is the fashion-forward with its cold-shoulder style, 3/4 sleeves, and scoops neckline. This isn't just any ordinary sweater - it's a sweater that is made for Florida fashionistas!

Stop in at Anthony's to try on all of these new Tribal styles today!

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By: Melissa Ferguson

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Would like a long Tribal pant

Would like a long Tribal pant

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