Style Tips: What to Wear Over a Cocktail Dress

Style Tips: What to Wear Over a Cocktail Dress

Are you worried about getting cold in your party dress? Want to choose the perfect layering accessories? Here's what to wear over a cocktail dress.
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Camille wearing a cardigan over a cocktail dress


The perfect cocktail dress can make you feel like a million dollars. Formal and semi-formal events are the perfect opportunity to sport that little black dress that’s been in your closet for a decade, or that printed dress that you couldn’t resist from our dress collection. 

But choosing the party dress is the easy part. What about accessories? What type of covering should you bring along in case it gets cold? Figuring out what to wear over a cocktail dress can help you complete your look and stay comfortable throughout the night. 

With the right style tips and tricks, you can be versatile with your cocktail dress and be simultaneously stylish. Here’s what to wear over a cocktail dress in winter and all of the seasons in between: 



Wearing a cocktail dress in the cold weather seems impossible, but understanding how to style your dress to stay warm is achievable. Here’s what to wear over a cocktail dress in the winter:

Dress Topper

A topper offers a fun way to dress up a cocktail dress and can provide lightweight coverage on those chilly nights around the town. Check out this Oli and Sofia Cashmere Dress Topper, for example, that can take a tailored look and make it feel more relaxed.

Mesh cardigan

Do you want to know what to wear over a formal dress during the winter while remaining chic and sophisticated at cocktail hour? Consider the cardigan.

A mesh cardigan can be a sweet and simple option that provides lightweight arm coverage when you’re ready to take the party look down a notch.   


Looking for a casual touch of style? Ponchos can work wonders with a cocktail dress and make a major statement along the way. Choose from a variety of different colors and patterns, or go for something that looks more natural, like black, white, gray, or brown. 


A shrug is the perfect option for someone who tends to get cold in a cocktail dress but doesn’t want to bring a large sweater to the event. This cropped cardigan is cute, functional, and lightweight, making for a simple layering option for your outfit.



Knowing what type of jacket to wear over a cocktail dress isn't the only factor to consider when styling your ensemble. Accessories can have an impact on your look as well.


How much attention do you want to have away from your cocktail dress? Jewelry is a simple way to make an impression, but there are also options you can use to play it safe. Large statement necklaces can add character to your look, while a small chain around your neck can add sparkle or a hint of flair to your dress. 


In most cases, we recommend accessorizing your cocktail dress with a clutch purse. The size you choose can help you achieve the look you’re going for - a smaller clutch can emphasize a chic look. A larger crossbody clutch can also be sleek, but more convenient.

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