September Books of the Month

September Books of the Month

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It's a new month, and that means we need new books to read. I have a couple books that are must-reads for September. And after a major storm like Hurricane Irma, there is nothing better to do then relax with a great book! These books all have a cruise-theme/water theme - because, well, who doesn't like a cruise?! Here are the books on Anthony's Ladies Apparel's September Book-of-the-Month List:


#1. The Woman in Cabin 10

In this novel, author, Ruthe Ware, delivered a suspenseful novel that had readers at the edge of their seats. The Woman in Cabin 10 was also a New York Times best-seller, and has continued to top the charts for weeks!

It's about a travel writer on assignment, Lo Blacklock. She decided to board a cruise, which was fabulous until she saw a woman thrown overboard. From there, the trip became a nightmare. The weird part is, the cruise continued as if nothing was wrong. From that point on, it was nothing but a rollercoaster ride for the reader as Lo tried to convince other passengers of what she saw.

#2. Do Not Become Alarmed

Author, Maile Meloy's Do Not Become Alarmed has the drama and suspense that'll have you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

The book is about Liv and Nora. These two friends decided to plan a cruise for their families. However, at a stop in Central America, mishaps lead the two families far from the ship. The children were right by their side at one moment. However, they suddenly disappeared. Then tensions rose, and the parents began to turn on each other.

#3. Into the Water

Paula Hawkins, author of, Girl on the Train, is back in action. And she happens to be back with an even more addicting thriller.

Into the Water is about a single mother whose body is found in the local river. She had just left her daughter behind with her sister Julia before her death. When Julia was forced back to Beckford - the small town that she once ran away from - she got wrapped up in investigating not only the mystery of her sister's death, but the mysteries of the other bodies found in the same river.

These books will engage your mind and be worth your while this month. Even if you are still without power from the hurricane, you can relax outside or enjoy reading by candlelight or flashlight.

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By: Melissa Ferguson

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