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Posted on 18 September 2017

Did you know that we have a store not too far from our West Palm Beach headquarters? That's right. You can find Anthony's Ladies Apparel in Lake Worth! But besides shopping and finding some new clothes to add to your wardrobe, here are some fun things to do in Lake Worth with your girlfriends or solo before or after your Anthony's shopping day. 

1) Beaches Galore

IBKUL Sun shirt

The closest beach to our Lake Worth store is the Lake Worth Beach. There you can catch some sun and have some fun! If I were you, I would pick up an IBkul sun shirt before I went. That way, you can protect your skin, yet still look beach-chic. 

 2) Restaurants Near Our Store

Lola P. Maxi Dress

If you are hungry after shopping, you can always head to downtown Lake Worth. There you can find a street of fun little shops, bars, and restaurants. It's always happy hour on Lake Ave., so be sure to pick up a cute maxi dress at Anthony's before going! 

 3) Catch a Musical or Play

Cocktail Dress

If you would like to see a play or musical, you can catch one at the Lake Worth Playhouse. They have seasonal performances right in the heart of downtown Lake Worth. A cute cocktail dress from our collection would be a fab idea for this activity! 

4) Golf

Bermuda Short

There are several great golf courses in Lake Worth, and you can head to one of them straight from our store. Let me tell you, we have a large assortment of Bermuda shorts that you will love. They are comfortable, stylish, and a wardrobe staple. 

 5) Movies


There is a movie theater less than a mile from our Lake Worth store. You can catch one of the new releases and make a "girls day" of it. Don't forget your cardigan! It is usually chilly inside the theaters. 

These are some great ideas that you can do before or after visiting our Lake Worth store. You can make a day of it and go shopping and do happy hour, see a movie, go to dinner, play a round of golf, lay in the sun, or see a show! We look forward to seeing you at our Lake Worth store very soon!

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By: Melissa Ferguson 

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