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New Year, New Slimming Styles

It's a brand new year. That means it's a fresh start to make new resolutions, goals, travel plans, and fitness plans. This year, especially, it's important for all of you to feel your absolute best. When you feel your best, you feel more goal-oriented, happy, and confident. That will help you stay strong on the path to your new resolutions and plans for a happy, healthy, successful new year 2019! Anthony's Ladies Apparel has some fabulous slimming styles that will make YOU feel fabulous too! You have to take a look at some of the latest wardrobe necessities that are must haves for 2019!

Tips for Feeling Fabulous in 2019

Now, before we get to the latest slimming styles, here are some reminders of how to keep yourself feeling great from the inside out!

Tip #1: Say "YES" to You!

This year, be sure to take the time for the things you enjoy. Listen to your own needs, and write them down as reminders. Maybe even add those reminders to your daily calendar! Have you been putting off a vacation? Do you need some rest and relaxation? Have you been wanting to start a creative project? How about yoga on the beaches of Greece?! If you make the time you need for yourself, you will not only be re-energized, but you'll feel less stressed too. That in turn will lead to a happier, healthier YOU!

Tip #2: Drink Your Water

Our bodies need water and it will cleanse our bodies. You also may experience feeling emotionally calmer and stronger throughout your day. Drinking water is a great way to soothe your mind and cleanse your body.

Tip #3: Be Sure to Move

The type of movement you choose to do is entirely up to you. Make it fun and enjoyable. This could be a few minutes of gentle yoga in bed, a brisk walk on the beach, or slow stretching in your bedroom. Just make sure you aren't sedentary.


Tip #4: Eat Your Greens

Eating green foods is a great way to naturally feel good from within. It will also help keep your waistline slim and spike your energy levels.

Tip # 5: Try to Plan Your Meals

Planning your meals doesn't always mean staying at home and cooking. Planning can be as simple as looking at the nutrition on a restaurant menu before you go out to dinner. If you organize and plan your meals in advance, you will be more likely to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle.

If you try these ideas, I can guarantee you will see some positive changes. You'll at least feel strong, confident, and happier!

Now, on to the latest slimming styles for 2019!

The Triple Button Tunic by Anthony's Resort Wear

Why it's Slimming: The layered high-low hemline helps to hide the tummy in a discreet way.

The Pull-On Ankle Pant by Krazy Larry

Why it's Slimming: The bengaline, stretch fabric creates a slimming silhouette - so you'll feel comfortable and look chic.

The Rainbow Grommet Ankle Pant by Isadela

Why it's Slimming: The 2-inch pull-on elastic waistband adds tummy control.

The Cotton Cashmere Tassel Dress Topper by Oli and Sofia

Why it's Slimming: The asymmetrical hemline creates a flattering silhouette. This is a great piece to have to throw on for any occasion!

Solid UPF50 Skort by IBkul

Why it's Slimming: The stretch elastic waistband holds your tummy in. You can protect your skin while your playing golf or tennis, and you will still feel comfortable and look great!

So, now you have a few ideas for your 2019 resort wear wardrobe! Don't forget to check out all the new styles... there are many, many more! Have a great start to 2019! :)

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By: Melissa Ferguson

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