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Have You Heard About Kristin Crenshaw Pants?

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Have you heard about Kristin Crenshaw pants? If not, you are missing out on one of the best-selling pants at Anthony's Ladies Apparel. With Florida's season already in full-swing, it's ideal to have some favorite outfits to mix and match for all of the events, dinners, parties, polo matches, and for whatever the season may bring. Incorporating a few pairs of the latest Kristin Crenshaw pants in to your rotation will definitely elevate your wardrobe! Trust me, you'll be on the "best-dressed" list in no time.

Why You Need Kristin Crenshaw Pants in Your Closet

1) They are Slimming and Flattering

Have you ever worn a pair of pants that were just SO uncomfortable that you vowed you would never wear them again? I have. And from that moment on, I decided it's just not worth the trouble. When you feel good about what you are wearing, it reflects on how you feel on the inside and what you radiate on the outside! With Kristin Crenshaw pants, you can have both comfort and style. The pants have a pull-on waistband with tummy control lining that creates a slimming silhouette. That speaks for itself.

2) You Will Own a Quality Pant

Kristin Crenshaw pants are synonymous with quality and comfort. The pants were so popular when they first came out, that now they have grown to become Florida's best selling pant. And again, a Kristin Crenshaw pant is one that is all about the most flattering fit you can find. If you haven't already, you have to try the classic stretch pull-on pant - or one of the latest printed pants. You will never go back! They come in a variety of basic colors, as well as bright, fun colors and prints to spice up your wardrobe.

3) You Will Elevate Your Florida Wardrobe

With all the ways to mix and match Kristin Crenshaw pants, you will not have to stress about what to wear to your next seasonal event. The pants can be dressed up or down. And with standout accessories, a fabulous top, and great shoes, you WILL catch the eyes of others in whichever room you walk in to.

Here are some of the latest Kristin Crenshaw Pants that Anthony's LOVES:

Tropical Garden Pull-On Ankle Pant

Rose Print Pull-On Ankle Pant

Evening Garden Pull-On Ankle Pant

Botanical Garden Pull-On Ankle Pant

Pull-On Stretch Full-Length Pant

And of course, there are more to choose from! Just scroll through the Kristin Crenshaw section of the Anthony's Ladies Apparel website!

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By: Melissa Ferguson

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