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Val's View: International Frugal Fun Day is October 2nd!

Have you heard of Frugal Fun Day? This clever holiday happens every year on the first Saturday in October and its aim is to encourage people to have fun on a budget. Read on for some ideas of exciting and inexpensive activities!
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Have you heard of Frugal Fun Day? This clever holiday happens every year on the first Saturday in October and its aim is to encourage people to have fun on a budget. There are plenty of ways to have fun but the challenge on this particular day is to do it on the cheap! I’m a self-proclaimed frugal fashionista and I love to find treasures and experiences that don’t cost a pretty penny. I think the secret is to be creative and get into the mindset that you are dedicating this day to good old fashion fun!

The holiday was dreamed up by Shel Horowitz, the author of The Penny Pinching Hedonist: How to Live Like Royalty With a Peasant’s Pocketbook. You gotta love that title! In my opinion, being frugal doesn’t mean you’re a grinch or a stingy person- it just means that you know how to have a good time without spending extravagantly.

Raise Spirits Without Breaking the Bank

Being budget-conscious means that I will go the extra mile to make smiles happen. Any reason to be light and engage in some frivolous behavior is welcome on this special Saturday! I recommend that you spread the word about this holiday to friends and family to get on board the playful train.

Here are some ideas to spark your imagination and get in touch with your inner child:

1. organize a treasure hunt at
2. make homemade ice cream sundaes
3. play with no-bake modeling clay
4. go fly a kite
5. play frisbee golf
6. have a tug of war game
7. swing on a swing at the park
8. dress like your spouse all day
9. get up early to watch the sunrise
10. write a letter to someone that matters using snail mail
11. go to your local library to borrow books, magazines, and movies
12. watch a tutorial on french braiding and try out your new skills on a friend
13. hand paint wine glasses
14. roast marshmallows in your backyard with a small portable fire pit
15. make sandcastles at the beach
16. have an outdoor potluck with friends
17. shop for unique finds at an estate sale, flea market, yard sale, or antique            store
18. wash and wax your car while listening to some old school tunes
19. slow dance to your wedding song with your significant other
20. learn a new joke
21. have a themed photo contest with friends and post the results on social              media
22. go to a pond and feed the ducks (here are the best foods to give to ducks)
23. visit a museum
24. tie-dye a t-shirt
25. take a scenic drive

Change Up Your Routine

Yesterday, my husband and I went to Miami’s Cauley Square, a historic railroad village established in 1903. Nowadays, it’s an artisan community with eclectic shops, friendly people, and even an albino peacock! We ate at the Village Chalet Restaurant nestled in the square’s beautiful gardens. Quaint cottage shops abound, offering crystals, body products, antiques, and handmade wares. There are so many places to explore that are off the beaten path; just going somewhere out of the ordinary can drum up a sense of adventure and excitement.

Friends Find the Fun

Have you ever noticed that when you are hanging out with the people you love, the fun just happens? The next time you are with friends, brainstorm on activities that make you feel good. Do a volunteer day together! For some reason, when others are in on an idea it becomes exciting. Challenge each other to whip up some new dishes and have a tasting party. Coming up with ways to seek happiness doesn't have to be a giant leap: put one foot in front of the other and before you know it, you could be giggling like a kid again.

Work Family

The fun doesn’t have to end after Frugal Fun Day- you can bring that aura of conviviality to the office. Make every day fun in small ways. Nobody is trying to be Miss Congeniality, but keeping things light even in the face of frustration gets the job done faster and makes it more enjoyable. I know that I am grateful for the team members at Anthony’s that make my life a little more fun!

Speaking of Anthony's if you are into saving money on great clothes, check out the blog post, Get A Deal: Our Favorite Sale Items!

What do you plan to do on Frugal Fun Day? Let us know in the comments below about some of your favorite inexpensive activities that make you grin from ear to ear!

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