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Ibkul Sun Shirts are Great Holiday Gifts

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The holidays are upon us. Thanksgiving has passed, Hanukkah is next week, and Christmas is less than a month away! It is amazing how the time flies. But besides decorating, enjoying holiday festivities, food, and family, there are gifts involved. One gift that you can give to your loved ones (or yourself) is the gift of sun protection. Of course there are a ton of darling gifts you can purchase at Anthony's Ladies Apparel, but an IBkul sun shirt is both practical for travelers and sun lovers all over (and they are stylish too!).

Why Everyone Needs An IBkul Sun Shirt


Whether you have light skin, medium skin, or dark skin, a sun shirt will protect your skin and keep you looking stylish. As women, we are usually looking for new lotions and skin care products to protect us from the sun. In fact, many people request these items as holiday gifts. However, just think of how much protection you'd have with a sun shirt. They come in collared styles, hooded styles, and dresses, and there are a wide variety of designs and to choose from! These are a valuable addition to anyone's wardrobe - no matter your age. Also, if you are considering purchasing from Anthony's online for the first time, you can even enter your email to subscribe and save $15 on your first order. That is quite a deal for something that will protect your's and your loved ones' skin and save you/them from lathering on a ton of sun screen and skin moisturizers just to step outside for a few minutes.

What Other Perks Do IBkul Sun Shirts Have?


The sun apparel is UPF50, which is wonderfully helpful. So, anyone who likes to take walks outside, play golf or tennis, go on cruises, take vacations (or staycations), walk on the beach, garden, or just relax outside can and will want to wear them. They feature a fast-drying, moisture-wicking, fabric with two-way circulation that is guaranteed to keep you and your family and friends cool all year long.

The bottom line is that IBkul sun shirts have fun, bold prints and are as fashionable as they are practical. IBkul sun shirts will keep you confidently covered - saving you from putting on greasy sunscreen. IBkul tops also feature a mesh sleeve for additional airflow. Those who receive them as a gift this holiday season will look stylish while they have fun in the sun! If you like them, be quick. These IBkul sun shirts sell out fast. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. :) Happy Holiday season!

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By: Melissa Ferguson

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