How to Style Bermuda Shorts: 3 Outfit Ideas

How to Style Bermuda Shorts: 3 Outfit Ideas

Not sure how to style bermuda shorts? You’ve come to the right place. Consider these bermuda shorts outfit ideas!
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Bermuda shorts are a comfortable, stylish option for resort wear ensembles. What’s the best thing about this article of clothing? It’s extremely versatile, so you can style it however you want and successfully achieve your signature look. Coming up with outfit ideas for bermuda shorts can sometimes be difficult - the length tends to make them harder to style. We do want to let you know, however, that there are still so many cute options to consider. Here’s what to wear with bermuda shorts:

1. T-Shirt and Sneakers

Need help learning how to style bermuda shorts? A pair of sleek sneakers and a plain white T-shirt makes for a comfortable, sporty look when you’re out and about. Wear the New Millennium Bermuda Short by Zac and Rachel with an Anthony’s Resort Wear Classic Pocket Tee for an effortless look. Get the shirt in a few different colors to mix up your look over time and let your style and mood shine. 

2. Sleeveless Blouse and Sandals

Are you in need of a new casual date night outfit, but have a hard time dressing up outside of a dress? You don’t need a shirt to look great on a date with your significant other - a sleeveless blouse paired with sandals and fitted bermuda shorts can make a lovely option.

Consider the Orange Bloom Sleeveless Blouse by Impulse which has a relaxing resort-style vibe to it. Pair it with long jean shorts or dark bermuda shorts and finish the look with a pair of dainty yet chic sandals. This bermuda short outfit exudes comfort and will turn heads when you’re grabbing dinner with your spouse. 

3. Hooded Sweater and Flip Flops

When the day is done and you’re ready to get into something comfortable, but you’re not quite sure it’s time for pajamas, this outfit can satisfy your needs. A hooded sweater, flowy bermuda shorts and your favorite flip flops can make for a cozy and charming laidback look. Pair the Paradise Palms Paperbag Waist Bermuda Short by Ruby Rd. with Tribal's Chevron Striped Hoodie Sweater for the ultimate in comfort.

Val standing with her arms crossed in a t-shirt and bermuda shorts

Other Accessories to Consider

Accessorizing, no matter the outfit, is always key! Here are a few different accessories to consider if you want to take your bermuda shorts outfit to the next level:

  • Hoop earrings
  • Skinny belts
  • Thick headbands
  • Large sunglasses
  • Midsize handbags

Any of these accessories can dress up a bermuda shorts outfit with ease. Let your personal style guide the way when it comes to accessorizing your bermuda shorts - this is a simple way to let your personality shine.

Learn How to Style Bermuda Shorts with Anthony’s Clothing

Are you excited to shop around and find out how to style black bermuda shorts? Are you looking for a pair of slim fit denim bermuda shorts? At Anthony’s Ladies Apparel, we have a variety of long shorts and other high waisted options that can complete your summer outfits. No matter your body type, we have a pair of knee-length shorts that can create a flattering look while you spend some time having fun in the sun.

Use these outfit formulas as inspiration or browse through our website to find your perfect resort wear ensemble!

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