Val's View: How to Lose 10 Pounds without Working Out

Posted on 10 September 2019

Slimming Fashionable Maxi Dress

Fifteen minutes a day, 1 hour a day, 20 minutes, 3 times a week. No matter how you slice it, in retirement, I don't dream about working out. A dance class here or there, maybe, but no commitments.
That is why I have mastered the subtle art of camouflage using a couple of styling and fashion tips. Below you will find my top 10 styling tips to appear 10 pounds lighter - no weight-lifting required.
It doesn't matter if you are an athlete, a grandmother, or a plus-size model, these tips will work for anyone!


This really is no secret. As a matter of fact, there are likely more Spanx on the red carpet than flashbulbs.

The best part about it: it isn't just about uncomfortable corset-like tights anymore. These days we have everything from minimizing bras to life-changing leggings.
I am not going to lie, I love that most of my swimsuits now have the tummy control panel. If you haven't heard of it, it is built-in support that gives you that extra edge and confidence to embrace your assets and eat another cookie. Go on - you earned it!


A subtle way you can dress to impress is to go with the classic color palette. This works exceptionally well in shades of grey, white, neutrals, and my personal favorite, black.

Sound boring? It doesn't have to be with bold and modern prints or stripes.
Here's the scoop: Monochromatic looks create a longer, leaner line giving you an unbroken vertical visual. It automatically streamlines your body. It detracts your eye from a focus on any figure flaws. That's a win in my book!


Don't discount the Maxi dress. The beauty in silhouette is the illusion of height. It should almost dust the floor. A little extra trick is you add a wedge or small heel, you get a few more inches to balance out what mother nature gave you somewhere else.

The maxi silhouette is best with a flowy fabric and, if you can, avoid pleats when possible.
The winner-takes-all: The maxi wrap dress. It is also very forgiving and flatters a lot of shapes and sizes because of the A-line or bias cut.
Remember lines that skim the body help hide any imperfections and keep a feminine shape. Finally, always stay away from clingy or shiny fabrics around the hip area.


These are not only meant to spice up your wardrobe but also to trick the eye into concentrating on the design. Often prints are designed to bring your attention to complimentary areas like your neckline and décolletage (my fancy french word for your chest!).
Vertical stripes are preferable over horizontals. Florals, paisley, and even bold color blocking are always great choices. Just remember to pair them with a solid slimming trouser.

Patterns and Prints to Look Slimmer


Ankle pants, crop pants, and bermuda shorts are all essential staples in our wardrobes so we ought to choose wisely here.
A tip I like to use is to look for a flat front with the perfect pocket placement and no visible seams or bulky belts.
A cropped style can be a great choice too but make sure fit is just right. Sizing is different in every brand. I may be a size 6 in Coconut Row but an 8 in other brands. Nothing calls attention to the wrong places more than wearing the wrong size.
A good rule to follow is if you go with a fitted top, then you can go flowy on the bottom and vice versa. If you are going for slim, a straight, narrow cut on the bottom paired with a flowier top is the ideal way to slenderize.


But keep it classy. Use this tactic to highlight areas of importance. Both a v-neck top and wearing your hair up can elongate the neck. That's why you see this look on so many brides and celebrities.
A cold shoulder reveals just enough, and you can still keep your arms covered if that is a trouble spot for you. Try a longer short that shows off a little leg, but keeps you classy without revealing too much thigh.


Jackets, tunics, and sweaters should hit at the slimmest part of your body. This will highlight your "skinny areas."
Ease of movement is another key to give you that fluid feeling and lend an air of regal flair. Blazers give you that automatic v shape with the fuller shoulder to narrower waist ratio we all covet. Structure that creates definition is one of my favorite fashion hacks.


Ladies, accessories are not just to complete an outfit or add a little flair. They can also help you highlight specific areas and draw eyes away from the less ideal parts of your body. Though we are learning to love ourselves completely.
I don't know about you, but when I wear a crossbody bag I feel just a little stronger and self- assured. A long scarf channels Grace Kelly. It literally draws your vision to the piece that is continuous and elegant.
Effortless should be the vibe for jewelry. Uncomplicated for an unbroken shape.


At least that is what my mother always told me. Posture is essential. It is time to wear that invisible crown and stand proud. Pretend there is an imaginary string on the top of your head and you can stretch it a little any time you want.
Final thoughts on this simple, but important topic: Keep it natural - you don't want to come off too serious or stiff.


Now, this final tip is for those lasting moments - i.e., photographs. Instead of running for the hills or hiding when someone pulls out the camera, pose like a boss lady.
You can slightly angle your body and shift your weight more to one hip.
Move a little in between shots, so you don't look frozen. Slide one foot behind the other with a slight bend in the knee. Slightly point your chin up to avoid shadows. My mantra: shoulders back and happy thoughts. That one always works. A hand on the hip will always work as well! 
Seriously try it next time you get some photos at that ladies luncheon. You will be amazed at how it feels. Once upon a time, I feared the camera, but now I am so grateful to have beautiful photos of my favorite memories.

Slimming Posing
So that is it! 10 simple ways to elongate and slim the body without getting sweaty. While, we all want to look our best, what it really comes down to getting comfortable in your skin. This starts with making peace with your body and shape. Embrace your curves or lack thereof.
Go ahead and use a tip above to hide your least favorite part of your body, but make sure to show off a little something else. Then remember, just smile and stand tall. Confidence alone will go farther than any of the tips above.
Let us know what tip from above you are going to try in the comments below!

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  • Deb: May 04, 2020

    I enjoyed reading these tips! I needed all the ideas mentioned above. I love makeup and dress age appropriately. Thank you! Will use a lot of these tips!

  • Cindy Andrews : May 04, 2020

    I love these tips. So many great ideas for me since I’ve been stuck in the 90s
    I’m definitely going to try the monochromatics. Thanks again

  • Eunice Mattear: December 03, 2019

    Love the pointers but would love to have a beauty expert doing faces (charge of course) and a stylist (charge of course) once in a while. Thank you

  • Betty Ann Fuller: November 07, 2019

    thank you for the ideas to hide my weight. I love the maxi dress

  • Necia: October 21, 2019

    This really enlighten me to help disguise some of my figure problems. I especially like the comments on maxi dresses. I love them, too! Thank you.

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